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Payday 2

While it might look like a rifle it is in fact a shotgun.

Unlike the Reinfield, the Izhma-12G is a semi-automatic shotgun, capable rapidly firing all its seven shots rapidly. It is weaker, in terms of damage, when compared to the Reinfield and Mosconi. It also has terrifying recoil, which combined with its rate of fire makes it a very difficult weapon to use. I have very mixed experiences with the Izhma. I find it near worthless when fighting enemies at medium to long distances. Even when you hit the chance of killing somebody is very low (the Reinfield and Mosconi have a better chance of long-distance kills). Even in tight spaces the ungodly recoil might result in you missing all of your shots, instead turning the nearby wall or ceiling into Swiss cheese. On the other hand, when it comes to accurate shots, especially headshots, at close range you can take out most cops with single shots. The Izhma is in essence a close combat weapon. It’s rate of fire is penalized by lower damage and high recoil but if you practice a bit with this weapon you will have much less problems with it. Just like the AK 762 this weapon is best suited for close quarters combat, rather than long distance fights. Another one of its strengths is a higher overall ammo capacity. Furthermore, since it is loaded by clips, not individual shells, you can quickly reload an empty Izhma.


Payday 2

A slightly modified AK-5 with a Caesar stock (much higher mobility).

I have yet to make up my mind about the AK5. It is a surprisingly efficient, accurate and deadly weapon, despite what the stats might suggest. Its high ammo capacity allows you to expend a bit more ammunition, but I found that it can perform fairly well when shot accurately. Is it worth the $500,000? I would argue that that the AK and AK 762 are better damage dealers, however the AK5 is better suited for accurate hip firing. The JP36 is similar in many respects, when you compare their stats you will see that while certain stats are greater or smaller between them overall they are very similar. Unless you have a lot of spare cash lying around do not buy an AK5 straight away. Other weapons can perform equally well, if not better under certain circumstances.


Payday 2

A modified AMR-16, with a tactical magazine, tactical handguard, Ergo grip and Exotique receiver.

The final of the AMCAR series, this is the deadliest, the most accurate… let’s just say it’s the best, when compared to the rest of the AMCARs. It’s main weakness is a high rate of fire. This, combined with a relatively low ammo supply, means you can run out of ammo very quickly. Compared to other rifles the AMR-16 is good, but if you cannot control your trigger finger, or if have a poor aim you might prefer a cheaper option. Is it worth the money? The answer is similar to what we had with the AK5. It is a good gun, but other guns might perform better, under different circumstances. We could say the AMR-16 is a generalist, since it suits almost any occasion, but the low ammo capacity will bite you back when you least expect it.

Mosconi 12G

Payday 2

A very unassuming shotgun, but trust me it’s deadly.

Usually the more powerful the weapon the less ammo you carry for it. This is the case with the M308 (40 bullets) and the Reinfield (48 shells). The Mosconi has only 26 shells. What does this mean? I will tell you what happens when it hits somebody, there is a brief ragdoll show. Sometimes the ragdoll will fly a short or impressive distance (depends where you hit) and you can easily, under correct circumstances, kill a few cops with a single shell (the most I got was three, because their heads were perfectly aligned one next to the other). The Mosconi is a monster. However, the monster is kept at bay by very small capacity (only two shells may be loaded at a time) and very low overall ammo capacity (26 shells). You have to make every shot count, which is usually not a problem. Getting ammo back will be quick, since each box should give you at least one shell. While you will be forced to constantly reload the Mosconi it does not take long, and unless you are under heavy pressure (such as ten Spec Ops standing right in front of you) it should serve you well under any circumstances. It is so powerful and accurate you can even use it to take down snipers. Of course, the further away the target the harder the killshot, but it is still one of the deadliest (if not the deadliest) weapons in the game.

OVE9000 Saw

While not really a weapon it can be used to quickly kill cops, through slicing off their heads (there is no special death animation for that, you simply slice their heads). The problem with the saw is that its blades dull very quickly. Thankfully the enforcer’s skills allow him to carry a surplus of blades, thus having to rely on ammo bags slightly less. Still, the saw can get used up very quickly, and while deadly up close it might be riskier for you, than the cop. You should take a strong sidearm, and only use the saw in combat when it is absolutely necessary.


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