Payday 2: General Weapons Guide

Reinfield 880

Payday 2

The good ol’ Reinfield.

This is the shotgun of choice for people who mean business. The Reinfield when fired at close targets will most likely kill them instantly, especially if you aim for headshots. It does have a few weaknesses however. First of all, lower reload rate, small magazine capacity and in general low ammo (especially when you get trigger happy). Smart Reinfield users will tend to wait for cops to come up close to take them out. This lets them get back any used up buckshot, making it possible to hold a door indefinitely. Somebody thought it would be a good idea to put a silencer on the Reinfield, so yes, you can use the Reinfield on stealth heists, if you need some good firepower combined with adequate stealth.

The Redinfield can be extensively modified, turning it into a very dangerous weapon indeed.

JP 36

Payday 2

It might look a little odd, compared to all the other rifles, but it’s a very effective weapons.

It is like a younger version of the AK-7. The JP36 is an accurate, low-damage, low-recoil hip-shooter. While more accurate when aimed down the sights, its high ammo capacity combined with favorable stats will let you use it freely, although care should be taken not to go completely Rambo. It is still a weapon that can run out of ammo, and since it deals less damage than most other weapons you will have to aim for heads, rather than just chests (especially on very hard and overkill difficulties). Its default sights are better suited for medium to close combat.


Payday 2

As you can see here, the AK-762 is very similar to the AK. The only two clear differences it the skeletal stock and different magazine (ammo wise the capacity is the same).

This is the toughest and meanest AK you can get your hands on. Its clear problem is a higher recoil and lower accuracy. This is the sort of gun you want to have with you when you find a corridor filled with SWAT and you want to quickly kill all of them. It is deadly up close, but due to its lower accuracy and higher recoil you will have a hard time fighting at longer ranges. While certain mods fix this issue the default AK-762 should be taken for heists inside buildings or in dense urban areas, rather than open spaces.


Payday 2

My lovely M308. While I am still working on improving it further (such as adding a custom stock) it can already kill most foes accurately.

This is the only semi-automatic rifle in the game. I call it a sniper rifle, since a mounted military red dot lets you take down enemies at extremely long ranges. Installing further upgrades to increase its damage and accuracy will allow you to use it as a one-shot problem solver against all but the hardiest cops (such as the bulldozer). Its problem is high recoil, which means rapid firing, without aiming down the sights, could leave you with a lot of wasted bullets and not a single kill. While up close you could kill single opponents you still have to remember to aim down the sights. Here the problem might arise that you have a scope mounted and using it up close will make the M308 impossible to use. For that reason carry a sidearm you can rely on.


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    AK5C (Automatkarbin [Automatic Rifle]) is based of a G3. Not even close to the Avtomat Kalashnikova series of weapons. Stop comparing them.

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      I was indeed incorrect of the type of weapon this was based on, when I was writing that guide. The AK5 is not of the Avtomat Kalashnikova series, like you said. I simply made that assumption, at the time, due to their relatively similar shapes and their in-game names. Now I know I was wrong.

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