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Another Fiction-Guide from myself. In this case I tried to imagine Bain getting in contact with a hardware supplier, in order to obtain guns and other equipment. Those familiar with the game would note how much of this information is accurate and how much of it is fluff. In general I tried to make all of the information as useful as possible while also making it feel “fun to read”. If you are not overly interested in such writing check out our normal Payday 2 – Weapons Guide.

What is Payday 2? It is a game where you, and a few of your friends, gather together to perform a number of different jobs. These Heists vary greatly. You might start the game robbing small stores and finish on stealing experimental engines from a secret lab. The interesting addition to the game is that you can buy different skills, weapons and masks. Modify them in many different ways, thus influence their different statistics. While reaching full completion will be both difficult and very expensive (with in-game money) it is a very pleasant journey.

Each Heist has a few random variables that will change each time. This means that the enemies you meet, or how events unfold during a Heist, won’t be the same every time. This adds a lot of re-playability to the game. Did I forgot to mention about the Soundtrack? It is absolutely DIVINE! It’s a game that is action packed but if you are good enough you may just pull off a few stealthy heists. As some say, it might be boring but the satisfaction is much greater.

We also have a Payday 2 Guide with many of the Basics of the game explained. If you are unfamiliar with the game we recommend starting there. If you still need more info check the Payday 2 Wiki.

Speaking of which. All the images included in the Guide may be found on the Payday 2 Wiki. I have copied and modified them to better suit this specific project. It was mostly Greyscaling them (eliminating any colors), switching around colors (the default weapon icons are white) or resizing them. The information on the different weapons was copied (or slightly changed) from in-game weapons real-life counterparts. It might not be accurate but I am no weapons expert and I mostly wanted people to feel immersed in the reading, rather than nitpick every small error in numbering.

I forgot to underline, this is NOT official information on any of the weapons. Before you start arguing with somebody that the AK5 is from Sweden and not from Russia hold in mind that was my own choice (based on a bit of research) rather than what the developers might had wanted.

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