Payday 2: DLC Weapons at a Glance

Payday 2: Gage Weapons Pack #2

A new year a new Weapons Pack, from Gage. The 2nd Gage Weapon Pack introduces new options for Heisters. While the three LMGs are the main new “hot products” knives have also been introduced, allowing for a tougher punch up close, especially when you run out of bullets. So, let’s roll down the list.

RPK Light Machinegun

Based on the RPK (no surprise there) this is the “first” LMG that you can get your hands on. During my testing runs I found that the RPK is an “OK” gun, but it’s similar to your starting rifle, it gets the job done but when possible you will want something better. See, it shares all the shortcomings of the other LMGs (low accuracy, slower movement speed, low control) but it has similar damage, rate of fire and ammo capacity. That being said, the RPK is inferior to the other LMGs, in some ways.

Compared to the KSP it has less ammo, smaller rate of fire and produces less heat, while the Brenner is simply better across the board. The RPK has slightly better accuracy and control than the KSP, but it’s so marginal you will usually not notice it.

As a starting LMG it’s good when you want to get your hands on something big, heavy and deadly, if VERY inaccurate. I do mean it, if your target is not a medium or short distance away, and in the open, you will have a lot of trouble hitting him. Up close you wouldn’t want to be on the other end of the barrel.

KSP Light Machinegun

The KSP is unlocked at Reputation 45 and it offers a much higher ammo capacity, increased rate of fire. and heat than the RPK. Both of these LMGs share the same damage, but the increased ammo capacity will allow you to fire for longer, and in general carry more ammo, thus allowing you to stay in the fight for longer, if you control your fire.

I should mention that the KSP has a lovely sound when it fires.

Because it is unlocked at level 45 a starting player may find that other guns unlocked before the KSP will be better, due to their accuracy, damage per bullet and control. I found the KSP to be a “fun gun”, the sort your whole team agrees to take on a heist to rain down lead on all the cops facing you. From the point of view of its role during a Heist an Enforcer would most certainly want this LMG. With his increased ammo perks, and the toughest armor in the game, he could literally be a TANK. The downside is that the weapon would slow him down even more, so Heists that call for a lot of long-distance running are not the friendliest for the KSP, or any LMG for that matter.

Brenner 21

I did not have the opportunity to play with the Brenner yet (do not have Level 75 just yet) but based on its wiki stats it is in many ways better, when compared to either the KSP and RPK. Better control, more damage, even more heat. It has less ammo than the KSP, but more than the RPK. Just like all the other LMGs it appears to excel at close-combat fighting, since it’s accuracy, while higher, is still relatively low.


The Gage Weapon Pack #2 opens up new options in close combat, four different knives. Each knife is simply better at a slightly different task. Some are quicker, some are deadlier, it is all a matter of personal style, though from what I could tell people will either go for the “Long Knife” (for maximum damage), Fists (for maximum knockback) or weapon butts (speed). All the other knives offer a mixture of the three, but on most missions you want to focus on a specific stat, rather than have a good mix of them.

While the Grenades in Gage Weapon Pack #1 offered a clear advantage the Knives do not seem to be all that useful and practical. If there is ever a situation where you have to use a knife that means that you are either out of ammo or you are somewhat desperate. Just like with the Saw you will not normally use close combat unless it is necessary.

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