Payday 2: DLC Weapons at a Glance

Payday 2: Gage Weapons Pack #1

The Gage Weapon Pack DLC adds a few more weapons, mods and grenades. Let us focus on these new weapons, and grenades.

Eagle Heavy Rifle

Payday 2

When first bought it will have very low ammo capacity. For a weapon with such firepower and poor accuracy this could bite you in your backside constantly.

At first I was awestruck by this beast’s high damage output. Then I realized just how little ammo it has. If I were to say what is the Eagle Heavy Rifle best used for I would state one of two things: 1) Mowing down entire groups of enemies at very close range. 2)Taking out a single cop with one or two accurate shots.

This weapon is surprisingly strong, but it lacks numerous other things. It has low accuracy, poor control, low ammo capacity and clip capacity… It’s simply good in a few number of things. It is clearly not something to be used for stealth heists. This is the sort of gun you want to bring with yourself to intense close-combat heists, and you want something with more control than a shotgun.

The main reason why you want the Eagle Heavy Rifle is its cost. It is dirt cheap. Another reason may be that shotguns, while very efficient, simply lack the range you want during your fights. I would still say that a shotgun can be deadlier, and for every killed enemy you could get your shell back, while with the Eagle it’s very hard to get back more ammo than you spend. However the Eagle Heavy Rifle lets you maintain better control, especially when you fire rapidly. Shotguns tend to fire all over the place, when you want to fire quickly with them.

SpecOps Submachine gun

Payday 2

Classy, no?

If you tested the Swedish K you might realize that these two weapons are almost exactly the same. There are a few differences, but they do not appear to be that meaningful. The Swedish K has a higher clip capacity, but the SpecOps has slightly better accuracy and control. In every other way they are exactly the same, so it’s pretty much your choice whether you want a slightly less accurate gun, with more ammo, or the opposite.

I found that the SpecOps appears to have a higher rate of fire than the Swedish K, but the higher control and accuracy helped me during close encounters more than the Swedish K. Since the reload time was relatively low I was not worried about running out of ammo, at any time.

Signature .40

Payday 2

I found this gun, most recently, to be a very useful sidearm. It might not look like much but it can most certainly kill a SpecOps with a few shots.

This pistol is a bit of a tough choice. The Gruber is better than it in almost every single way, except damage and threat. At the same time the Signature is better than the Crosskill, but somewhat worse than the Bernetti. Why would you want the Signature .40 then? The simple answer is more damage, less accuracy. However, if you wanted an accurate and deadly pistol why not go with the Desert Eagle or Bronco? The main, and pretty much only reason, is the price. If you want to stretch the argument a bit you could say that the Signature, unlike the Deagle and Bronco, has more ammo, and thus it can last longer during a firefight, especially when you miss a few shots. I suppose that when you compare it to the Eagle Heavy Rifle you see a certain similarity. Both of these weapons prefer damage over accuracy and control, so they suit each other, in terms of style. Is that practical during most Heists? I suppose that also depends on your style, but the fact is that some Heists do call for a lot of heavy firepower, and then the Signature, with the Eagle Heavy Rifle, could act as the answer to such firefights.


Finally! Grenades. Well, you only get three of them, but is that a bad thing? Grenades, together with different firing modes on your weapons, were sought out by the community for some time. In Payday 1 we eventually got the Grenade Launcher, which got the job done, especially when your escape route was absolutely clogged with special law enforcers. What about Grenades in Payday 2?

The first substantial strength of these grenades is that you always have three of them, regardless of Heist or your profession. This means that you have three of these small explosives to chuck at your enemies. The second strength of the grenades is that they work on all opponents, in some way. Yet here also appears a certain weakness that grenades have.

I decided to give grenades two tests. The first one consisted of using them on law enforcers on a normal difficulty heist. Here the standard swats exploded in all directions, even when the explosion was some distance away. As such on Normal and slightly harder heists grenades have a solid role to play, since they can clear out a horde of law enforcers blocking your way. Slightly tougher Swats will usually not get insta-killed by grenades.

Then I tried using them on an Overkill difficulty Heist, namely Four Stores. When the SpecOps showed up in the store I was holed up in I considered it a good time to chuck a grenade. Right in the center of the Spec Ops group did the grenade explode and to my small disappointment they were not killed outright, but they were: 1) Stunned, 2) They lost their helmets. In the very same room there was also a Shield and I noticed that for a short moment it too was stunned, thus giving me a clear and easy opening for a kill shot. When escaping from that Heist I had to take part in a Park Stand-Off and here I had the wonderful opportunity to take part in an ultimate grenade test, using them against a Bulldozer. Here the results were similar. The Bulldozer was not killed, BUT it was confused/stunned for a short moment.

Holding the above in mind, Grenades on easier Heists can be used to quickly clear out a tight space, filled with weak law enforcers. On harder Heists they can have a similar role. Instead of killing all of the tougher Swats or SpecOps grenades would allow you to enter a room filled with these stunned Law Enforcers, for a few quick and easy kills.  Since grenades also work on special law enforcers (such as Shields) they could be used to disorientate them for a short while, so that you, and your team mates, can more easily take them out.

The main downside with Grenades is that they tend to have a very easy time killing civilians. As such you have to make certain that there is no civilian anywhere near the explosion radius. On the other hand the sizable explosion radius can help you on some heists, such as Mallcrasher where you have to destroy a lot of windows/items quickly, and here grenades could make your job much easier and faster.


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