Payday 2: DLC Weapons at a Glance

This article will be updated as more and more weapons are released through DLCs, for Payday 2. This will aim at providing you with as much useful information, as I can muster, on a short notice. Since it is a bit hard to get to know all of these weapons quickly I will state when I am more or less familiar with a weapon, so that you know what to expect yourself. As I gain more experience with a specific weapon I will update its information here.

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What to remember about DLC Weapons (Thus Far)

DLC weapons tend to be both cheap, when compared to other weapons, and have no reputation requirement. In other words, you could obtain a DLC weapon after just one or two missions (depending on how big the payout is). Since they tend to be on the level of higher level weapons this could make your life easier when you are just starting your career in Payday 2, or they will simply broaden your choice of deadly firearms. While end-game weapons might be, overall, more powerful I found the DLC weapons to fit into Overkill Heists, with a bit of work and Weapon Mods. Because of this you should not feel obliged to purchase the DLCs, since you already have a decent number of weapons that might be better than the DLC ones, however the Gage Weapons Pack offers you free grenades and unique fire mods for all your weapons.

I am writing this from the point of view of the weapons, not the DLC packs as a whole. I found the Armored Transport Heists to be interesting (and mildly challenging), while new masks add new fashion options… I suppose. I bought the Gage Weapon Pack mainly to have the opportunity to test its three new weapons and grenades, rather than have an overwhelming need for having even more weapons in my armory.

Anyway, let us jump down to business.

Payday 2: Armored Transports DLC

This DLC introduced a number of new weapons.

Gruber Kurz Pistol

Payday 2

It might not look like much but this pistol is surprisingly beastly.

This unassuming pistol made me think it is completely worthless, simply because it looked that way. It reminded me of the PPK, which in most Video Games is the last pistol you ever want to use. Here, surprisingly, it is a very useful sidearm. Compared to the core sidearms its closest brother would be the Bernetti, which is in many ways similar, but the Gruber has slightly better accuracy and stability. Since it can be bought as soon as you purchase the DLC you will have immediate access to a very good early-game weapon. Although you unlock the Bernetti already at level 6 you should not dismiss the Gruber. If you had to pick between the two I would say that the main weight of the argument lies on whether you have more mods for the Bernetti or Gruber. If you have plenty for both then the Gruber would be, technically, the better choice.

Another factor to take into account is the Gruber’s low price. The Bernetti costs almost three times as much as the Gruber, something to hold in mind when you have little cash.

Swedish K

Payday 2

Looks like a gun that might fall apart at any moment. Do not be fooled, it needs a lot of tasty mods and then it will become a force to be reckoned with.

The Swedish K is a submachine gun, and it shares many problems that its brothers have. A high rate of fire, combined with low accuracy, yet decent damage. Out of all the core submachine guns the Swedish K can do the most damage per shot but it is also the least accurate. A few other things have to be noted about it. A mildly high magazine capacity (40 rounds) and low overall ammo capacity (80 rounds total). I have tried using the Swedish K in a number of Heists and I found it to be useful during especially heated close encounters against weaker law enforcers. It can still do well against Spec Ops but due to its poor accuracy you will have to be really close to be effective.

All that said, I did not find the Swedish K to be a bad gun overall. It suffers from sudden ammo shortages as well as non-existent accuracy at even medium ranges but up close it beats many similar submachine guns, and most importantly it is cheap. Just like the Gruber it has no reputation level requirement, so you can purchase it as soon as you have the DLC.

Commando 553

Payday 2

It is surprisingly short for a primary weapon, yet it makes up for its size with efficient firepower. I recommend getting some sights for it in first order. I found its default sights impossible to use.

This was a surprisingly useful close encounter weapon, just like the Swedish K. It does more damage than most rifles, while suffering from lower accuracy. However, unlike the Swedish K, I did not feel I ran out of bullets faster, and with enough fire control it appeared to perform well even at medium ranges. Compared to all the other rifles it tends to have better damage and may be better concealed. It might not have better handling or accuracy but up close it is absolutely wonderful, for a rifle of its class.

I was tempted to classify the Commando 553 as a sidearm, but after some thought it could be considered an ample choice for stealth missions, since its smaller size, yet above average damage, means that with a silencer it can still do plenty of damage, compared to other rifles, while also maintaining your stealth. The lower accuracy will become an issue during open long-distance firefights but it will still get the job done.


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