Terraria Beginner’s Guide


We all need a guide in life, even if it is a virtual life.

Terraria is a giant sandbox. You can reshape the world, any way you like, changing the natural environment, from a desert, to a living forest, or a corrupted wasteland. As you explore its vast (or small) world you will gather equipment, resources and magical items, all of which will make you even stronger, taking on tougher bosses and creatures.


Our Terraria Beginner’s Guide:

Part 1 – First steps

Part 2 -Venture, itno the darkness! 

Part 3 – Figthing giant eyeballs.

Part 4 – Expanding your horizons.

Terraria has both feeling, fun, and allows for cooperation with your friends. What you do, is up to you. But, if you need some help with starting off, read our guides, or if you want to have any idea what is this game, read our review.