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Have you ever thought of your character (or yourself) “I am the wealthiest of all!”? Have you ever taken pride of the economic prosperity of your nation/race/whatever? This might mean you like games, where economy is a crucial factor. That means, this series is just for you.

Skyrim elven helmet

Skyrim - this guide is also for you!

Have you ever thought “should I buy this new sword/gun, or should I save money for something cool”? Have you ever had the dilemma “to keep or to sell that unique item”? Yep, this series is also for you.

Actually in almost every single game you play there is the “money” factor. There are some hard decisions to be made. It doesn’t matter, if you play Skyrim, Crime Craft, X3, Counter Strike, Need for Speed, Iron Grip, WoW, or even Zelda – there’s always money to be earned and spent. This series of guides will take you through a number of tips and suggestions that will blow your mindset and make you an efficient spender – and also a proficient earner hopefully. I will not focus on any particular game – this knowledge is universally applicable, even if you don’t think so. Don’t worry, there will be plenty of examples for you to see how it works.

Counter Strike AWP

Counter Strike Source - to buy or not to buy this sweet rifle? Hard decisions and cashflow

And let’s make these classes interactive guys! I’m waiting for your comments and suggestions – as well as ideas for additional articles. I’m not a management PhD or something, you can teach me a lot. Treat these articles as an invitation to discussion – I believe our combined knowledge is quite impressive.f Share it! And no, I’m not going to bang your head with management theory. Well, maybe a bit – it doesn’t hurt that much. But the day after, when your girlfriend/spouse/mother or a talking pet asks you “are you wasting your time on those stupid computer games again?”, your answer will be – “no baby/mum/whatever, I’m doing my online practical management course tutorials”.

So, here’s the list of lectures for the next couple of weeks:

  1. Gamers, get your suit on! – Introduction

    Scrooge McDuck

    Ever felt like one of your teammates was Scrooge McDuck?

  2. On the universality of resources – How the theory applies to hundreds of games?
  3. Hey, look at my wealth! – Why being Scrooge McDuck is not such a great idea. – Part 1
  4. Hey, look at my wealth! – Why being Scrooge McDuck is not such a great idea. – Part 2
  5. It’s christmas! – On being a great teammate (and kicking asses by doing so)
  6. Hey, I am the energy magnate! – On non-storable resources.
  7. The clock is ticking! – On the importance of player’s time. 
  8. On spending, googols and inflation in games
  9. How to be an efficient gamer?
  10. My approach to studying: JIT (Just in Time) production – Keep resources low, revenues high!- coming soon
  11. Align for the military parade! Is a fancy army really worth it? – On the balance between economic development and military investment.
  12. Greatest asset of the economy magnate – spreadsheets.
  13. Being Mao Zedong. On the role of over investment.
  14. Time to start shooting coins – WAR.
  15. Battle dress vs. suit – How your economic potential affects your strategy?
  16. Kill them all! – To conquer or to divide?
  17. Secure the perimeter! – Why being big does not always mean being strong?
  18. Your suggestions go here

Civilization trade

Civilization IV - where management gets big

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Adam “Fanatyk” Wojciechowski