No More Room in Hell guides

Our series of guides to No More Room in Hell:

No More Room in Hell Survival Gameplay – An overall intro to the game.

No More Room in Hell – Scopes, keeping your distance.

Zombie ammunition

Tested for zombies – approved for human use!

Everybody knows that the only good zombie is a dead zombie. The problem comes when you do not want all those icky guts all over your new suit. The solution? Scoped Rifles.

No More Room in Hell, Shotguns. Close and almost personal.

When you absolutely want to make sure that a zombie stays dead, nothing screams certainty like a buckshot to the brain. You only have to decide which portable cannon you should use.

No More Room in Hell. Handguns, almost like in the Wild West.

If you are as fed up with carrying huge guns around, like a military warehouse, reach for something smaller, while maintaining your deadly efficiency. Pistols, Revolvers and Handguns.

No More Room in Hell. Close and Personal.

Right… Bob wasted all the Buckshot, Snake used up all the Sniper rounds, and Timmy got his hands on the MP5. Seems it’s just you, a hundred zombie, and a chainsaw. Guess who wins?

No More Room in Hell: Everything Else Guide

Forgot to mention something in one of the previous Guides? You will most likely find it here. A bit on the Flare Gun, Grenades, Ruger, Simonov and MP5.

No More Room in Hell. Weapons – hard numbers.

When you need some hard facts, look no further. We’ve got tables. Napkins not included.

No More Room in Hell – 10 Tips to Save your brains

Hungry for more? Here is a handful of tips to help you survive the Apocalypse.