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Christmas Buyer’s Guide

Here you can find our series of buyer’s guides for christmas. Surprise your gaming friends with something unusual, without ruining your budget.

Deadly Designer Sins

This series discusses the sins of the designers of games. Topics such as characters, culture and religion are approached, and many examples are included.

Gamers, get your suits on!

Practical application of management skills and common sense in gaming for digital prosperity and well-being of our kind. Universal guide to management and economics in games – for all games, where money is a factor (and yes, this includes Counter Strike etc.).

RTS Games and Realism

RTS games enjoy being considered realistic. How far does this “realism” go however? Is it closer to life, or some distant fantasy?

Surviving the Zombie Apocalypse

Wanted to play that new Zombie Apocalypse game, but have no idea how to survive in it for longer than three minutes? We can help. Our Guides aim at providing as clear a picture as possible, while allowing you to fill in the gaps and become the “winner”. In the end, the zombies will win anyway.

Guide series:

No More Room in Hell guides

Red Orchestra 2: Heroes of Stalingrad guides

Terraria Beginner’s Guide

Men of War Guides

Company of Heroes 2 Guides