Other Top 10 Most Marketable Video Game Trailers

5. World of Warcraft: Cataclysm

World of Warcraft prides itself on building name brand recognition early in its development cycle for the release of new expansions. While its cinematic and trailer standards are all very high, the one trailer that stands out among them is for the Cataclysm expansion, in which the dragon Deathwing makes his debut by bursting out from the molten earth in which he’d been encradled, encased in armor to keep his shape considering the raw chaos of his newfound nature is actually making him melt, to bring fire and death to the land of Azeroth. It’s unique in that it works to show the coming of a villain. Being the hero is left up to the player.

4. Elder Scrolls: Skyrim

We are immediately beset with a strong sense of epic fantasy in the style of such classics as Conan the Barbarian and The 13th Warrior. This is built upon by talk of the coming of a hero heralded by the return of dragons, including with it music that swells the heart with emotion and purpose, and tops with graphics that are so crisp you can’t tell the difference between gameplay and cut scenes. There’s an emotion theorized by psychologists that’s now being tapped into by film trailers characterized by a sense of rising or the spirit soaring. This is modulated perfectly here and only suffers minutely due to the lack of a story direction being implied.

3. Star Wars: The Old Republic

Eye candy, stunning architecture, and a sense of foreboding evil grip the viewer the instant SWTOR’s trailer starts playing. Since the duality between light side and dark side in Star Wars is pretty much ubiquitous, the viewer comes to the table with some idea of what to expect. That makes it all the harder to surprise the viewer, which makes the trailer deserving of even greater praise as it presents the individual character classes in the game in a carefully choreographed plot with a paradigm shift at the end worthy of Lovecraft. Plus. Orchestra.

2. R.U.S.E.

Live-action footage in video game trailers has its advantages. It’s certainly cheaper than taking the time to code a trailer, provided it’s sufficiently mundane. Two men sitting across from one another at a table with a built-in digital display is certainly mundane enough, but the game that unfolds between them somehow manages to capture the intrigue, feints, planning, and bluffing inherent in games of strategy. While RUSE’s trailer doesn’t actually present any gameplay, which is probably its one failing, it does provide the viewer with a novel experience that generates sufficient intrigue to want to further research the game and possibly buy it. In doing so the trailer has done its job.

1. Bioshock Infinite

A pretty face marred with tears as a man in black extols her sins to a crowd of sheep who would see that girl dead. A man with a rifle and a practical approach to his priorities. A strong, dolorous, pounding beat giving way to something somewhere between rock and country. And then we’re in for a cinematic ride combining the wild openness of the sky, the quirks of steampunk technology, and the well-oiled movements of an accomplished gunslinger doing what he does best. In a little over a minute, we’re hooked.




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