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Can Survival Horror Work With Co-op?

I recall watching a review by Yahtzee Croshaw, where he mentioned that Survival Horror can no longer be Survival Horror once there is more than one person. The argument is sound. Survival Horror games tend to be about limited resources, where you are alone, without any help. Survival becomes a challenge, because on the “Solo” level you are already highly restricted. However, I think Yahtzee was wrong in one respect, most Survival Horror games are in fact “Action Horror”. They were not that challenging to begin with, in terms of the Survival Horror aspect. In that sense, the co-op was simply an addition to the game, so that people can play with each other, in a “Horror” setting they like.  I believe that in a properly designed Survival Horror game co-op might be more desired than going solo, and it can still be very challenging when playing with others.

Horror Survival

Even when in an Exo-Suit you cannot feel completely safe. I have to personally say that being inside one of these babies is one of the best “Alien” experiences I ever had. You are tough but you still need help from your infantry, to keep you fixed and operable.

Top Ten PS1 Games to Revisit for the Summer

Released in 1995, the original PlayStation is certainly dated by today’s standards. You’re more likely to find it in yard sales than electronics shops. But that’s not necessarily a bad thing. The PlayStation hit the market before video game publishers had aggregated into major conglomerates, making for a wealth of individual developing groups, all of whom had the capacity to publish games for the PlayStation thanks to the fact that it was the first successful console to employ compact discs instead of chipsets. Previously the cartridge into which a game’s chipset was loaded had to be licensed by the console’s creator, creating a pinch point that prevented independent game developers from getting their games out to the average consumer. Perhaps then this is why we see so much creativity in Playstation titles, and while there is no doubt that everyone has their personal favorites, here are ten sure winners to get back to while we wait for the industry to release its line of Fall titles.

Top 10 Games to Revisit During the Summer Lull

Why is it summer break coincides with the annual dry spell from video game developers? The one time of your life that you’ll have tons of time on your hands, and no new games are being released. Well, it’s time to check the shelves for a few titles that you’ll happily come back to time and again. So sit in your darkened, air-conditioned house and enjoy these depictions of summer surf and turf.

Top Ten Must-Play Games to Revisit The SNES

I’m showing my age here, and I know it. But nostalgia is a big kick these days, and what are we gonna do now that summer’s here, the lull is upon us, and all you can afford is to rummage through other people’s precious memories at yard sales? Play outside? In this heat? You gotta be kidding me.

How Hot Was It

So let me introduce you to the ten games that defined the Super Nintendo generation in hopes you’ll look them up and take them for a spin.

Will the Free to Play Model Dominate Video Gaming?

During the past few months, when I have been writing about all the different Free to Play Video Games it suddenly struck me just how many of them there are. In the core genres I found different Racing, Strategy, Action and RPG games. I am certain that there are a few sports games, and I forgot to mention Simulation games. Today I can imagine a person not buying a physical copy of any game, because he could register and play a Free to Play game. In that sense you would have to eventually buy some Premium cash to “upgrade” your account, or to look cooler in the game, but overall it might be possible to not buy a single game and still have one hell of a time. So the question appeared in my head, “Will the Free to Play model dominate Video Gaming?”. The longer I thought about it the more I understood that it will not happen, at least not yet.

Free to Play

Steam currently has 65 different Free to Play games. There are much, much more out there on the Internet.

Bullheaded or Annoying? Surrender in Strategy Games

I do not like Surrendering in Video Games, even when faced with overwhelming odds. I enjoy playing the game to the last province, base and unit. If I am to be defeated I want to be defeated completely. A surrender to me often feels like one step-short of a legitimate rage quit. With my recent experience in League of Legends I found that if the team agrees to Surrender the game will be over, but since a victory or defeat does not weight down on you too heavily Surrender is often turning a long “obvious defeat” into a quick one. I was never of the “Surrender” school though. I enjoy playing to the bitter end and in turn I enjoy winning “proper”. When it comes to victory in strategy games I want to lick the entire lollipop and be satisfied with the experience, rather than the lollipop simply appearing in my stomach. All the sweetness is gone, and while I know that the sugar is filling my veins do I have the same satisfaction?


Dunkerque is one example when a small victory was scavenged from a huge defeat. Even then a lot of equipment was left behind in France, leaving Britain almost defenseless (1940)Surre

The times they are a’changin’

If video games were influenced by their audiences, Pac-Man would’ve been about a drug user spending his time in dark rooms, listening to repetitive music, chased by his own hallucinations… Oh, wait.

Cross-Medium Copyright Infringement and Intellectual Property Concerns

There are currently three kinds of property. The first can be referred to as real-estate or lands owned. The second a delightfully antiquated word such as chattel, or moveable property, encompasses. It is the third which is rapidly becoming more complex and variegated in our society: Intellectual property. Intellectual property is intangible, and therefore difficult to establish a concrete definition for. Intellectual property and its protection made up 34.8% of the American gross domestic product for 2012 alone. And that percentage is projected to keep increasing.

There are a number of subdivided laws designed to regulate intellectual property: Copyright, Patent, Trademark, and Trade Secret to start with. The problem we are experiencing is that creativity does not begin in a vacuum. For one invention to be made, it must incorporate other patented inventions. For one book to be written, it must incorporate character archetypes and story concepts that have been presented countless times before in other copyrighted books. Where then does one draw the line?

Dust 514: What Players Hoped Planetside 2 Would Be?

I normally do not like MMORPGs with a monthly fee, but I decided to finally give Eve Online a go and I signed up for the two week trial. Thus far this is the only game that I will buy a monthly subscription for, because it is just that good. I will provide an article on my experiences in Eve Online once the Trial is over, but my attention was caught on something different, Dust 514. Dust 514 is a Playstation 3 FPS that aims to give just as big an experience as Eve Online, while also “cooperate” with Eve Online gamers. I did not follow Dust 514 at all, as I was not a Playstation 3 gamer, and since it was not coming out for the PC I was not interested in it. However I then decided to watch the Trailers and Gameplay Videos and with a huge exclamation mark I noted, “This is what Planetside 2 was meant to be!”. Now, there will always be certain differences between the style of gameplay in Dust 514 and Planetside 2, but let me give you a few reasons why Dust 514 might end up being more popular than Planetside 2.

Dust 514

Become a Merc they said… see interesting places they said…

Shogun 2: Creative Assembly must Learn

I love the Total War Series, and although the Community is divided in regards to Avatar Conquest in Shogun 2, how you earn and level troops, etc. I am a fan of this new bold system, and I hope Creative Assembly will stick to it. What raised my concern, especially with the new Rome coming out, is how Creative Assembly handles DLC material. Now, in terms of the Singleplayer campaign I see no problems. When I bought Fall of the Samurai I got a free Clan Pack that added another faction to play as in the Main Campaign. I tried the different Clans and when I gave the DLC Clan a go I found it well balanced, and not an overwhelming force with some unfair advantage. While I miss the days of Rome: Total War, where you would unlock new Factions as you conquered them in today’s day and age it seems normal for a company to release countless DLCs, effectively making you choke out more cash in order to have a full game experience. This is not the problem as such, the problem is how Creative Assembly deals with Multiplayer.

Shogun 2

Technology or Tradition?