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Top 10 Failures in Nintendo History

There are some days when the words will just not come. I stare at the empty page, a yawning void looking back into the soul of me, and I’m tormented by the loss of my muse. That’s when determination sets in, the training that tells me I cannot allow myself to write only on days when the words sing and I must trudge on regardless. On those days, any old thing typed down will do, just so long as I don’t allow myself to stop.

Top 10 Games to get into the Halloween Spirit

The unknown. It is both our greatest fear and the singlemost thing which galvanizes us, which holds our attention, and which inspires us to act. Why are we afraid? Because our imaginations present a million and one possibilities of a reality immeasurably worse than our own. Why are we still attracted to it? Because there still remains the hope that the unknown contains a reality better than the one we live in now, and humans are notoriously bad at reckoning the odds. Halloween, though westernized, Anglicized, and removed of its teeth, still remains a humbling reminder that the only reason the world is not more than we think it is is that we simply haven’t made that discovery yet. It creeps in at the corners of our perception, making us question our mundane world, and opening us to the chance, the most minute of chances, that there is something more out there which would change everything. That unique Halloween spirit is difficult to capture in its entirety, but aspects of it are visible in the following titles.

Top 10 Games to Help Fight the Winter Blues

It’s not uncommon for people to suffer from a little depression during the fall and winter. Maybe not bad enough to be clinically diagnosed, just a muted feeling that turns life down and makes everything seem like so much of a chore. Gamers have more reason to be depressed during winter than most. All the major titles drop by November and then there’s nothing to open on Christmas morning. Take into account the flagging economy and a lot of people don’t have the cash on hand to blow on new releases. But it’s not like a good gamer would throw himself into his family, focus on getting into the holiday spirit, and participating in community events to make connections and enjoy the warm glow of brotherhood. That requires you leave your room and *gasp* talk to people! So here are the top ten current gen titles to inject some warmth, cheer, and light into an otherwise drab, grim, grey, chest-high wall filled existence.

League of Legends – Jack of All Trades or Master of One?

Recently I had a rather interesting League of Legends game, one that I lost but I felt lied to by one of the players. This player, who had clearly more experience and game time than me, claimed he never played a specific role, in the team setup. You see, in League of Legends there is usually an assumption that a team has a specific number of players on each lane and role. These roles are Top Lane (usually a melee oriented, tanky sort of character, but not always), Mid Lane (usually a mage), Bot Lane, composed of a Support and an ADC (in other words, somebody who deals a lot of damage, but has little health, and somebody who helps him survive) and a Jungler (a player who has a number of roles, such as hunting down fleeing enemies, killing neutral creatures to earn gold and level up, as well as creeping up on enemies attacking one of the other lanes). At the end of this lost game the player claimed he never played as a Jungler, or rather, said it was hist first time as such. Now, I am just about to reach his level (he was Level 30, I am level 29) but I tried numerous champions, and I have played on ever single lane sufficiently to know what each role is about. So, what happened next?

Challenging Traditional Gender Roles in Online Gambling

Among the first titles purchased with my own money as a boy was Vegas Dream for the NES. As you might expect by the name, it was a gambling game, starting you out with seven-hundred dollars and making available four different casino games. It was fun, but once I’d earned enough money the thrill of it abated, and it went on my shelf where it still sits. Funny that with the release of every new game console there have been gambling games produced for them which, while entertaining, didn’t sell very well.Vegas Dream

On Immersion: Gameplay vs Story

I have been working on my Thesis for the past month, so the lack of updates on my end is due to it. However, I have chose to take a short pause and share a bit of the thoughts that appeared in my head, regarding the topic I am writing on, Video Game Immersion. Immersion can be achieved in a number of ways, however not a single individual thing will create full immersion on its own.


While the Oculus Rift introduces higher levels of visual immersion video games have thus far shown that we do not need full visual immersion to be (and feel) immersed in a game.

The Issue With DLCs: A Fallout Perspective

Some time ago I bought the Fallout: New Vegas Ultimate edition (or whatever edition it was). I already owned Fallout: New Vegas, but I wanted to try out all the DLCs, and since it was a Steam special officer it was well worth the price, in my option at least. I already wrote one article describing my thoughts on DLCs. For a long while those feeling have somewhat died down until I saw a video by EatMyDiction where DLCs hold the center stage. That is more or less the same time I bought Fallout: New Vegas with all its DLCs and when I entered the game for the first time (again) I was flooded with a similar number of messages, informing me of all the DLCs that I have bought, and bestowing upon me an incredible bounty of items. After a short while I got my bearings again and I decided to go through Fallout: New Vegas, again, with all the DLCs, and what I went through then agreed with that old article of mine. There are the good and the bad DLCs.


“Buy my DLCs… or else…”

Other Top 10 Most Marketable Video Game Trailers

We’re back with a second installment of video game trailers. Seems a lot of people have their own personal favorites, and ten just wasn’t enough to do the wide world of video gaming justice. So we’re gonna take ten more game trailers through their paces and look at why they’re the best.

Top 10 Most Marketable Video Game Trailers

Marketing is an art, in that it’s the practice of getting someone to pay attention to your ad and motivate them to buy whatever you’re selling while making them forget that they’re being intruded on and told to go out and buy something. How is that goal best achieved? Entertainment. Video game trailers are a carefully calculated mix of story, music, action, and implication of an even greater experience to be had. Their goal is to excite you, motivating you to anticipate a game’s release so you go out and buy it. And they’re so effective at this task that prospective buyers actually look up trailers in order to motivate themselves. So let’s look at ten of the best examples of skillful marketing in video game trailers.

Top 10 Most Heroic Racks of Gaming

That’s right, today’s puff piece is about breasts (aka. Racks), and probably about the heroines attached to them if we have time. It’s not enough in video gaming to have a silent role and sport spectacular chesticular protuberances to make a female character that’s entertaining enough for all audiences to enjoy while still catering to the prepubescent teen in most of us. I’m talking about main characters; those integral to the story who don’t fall into the wilting lily category that are good for nothing but being princesses in need of rescue. I’m talking about the buxom cast-iron bitches who can kick ass, take names, and look damn good doing it. So, without further ado, let’s roll out the red carpet and get down to brass tacks and mixed metaphors.