No more Room in Hell Version 1.05, what has changed?

Zombie Hunters! Ready to fight for your survival once again? If you read through our site you would had noticed a series of Guides for No More Room in Hell, as well as a few hours worth of videos showing each of the weapons. Well, good news! The game that took us countless hours to work out from the inside out now has a new patch, and it almost feels like we have to start from the beginning. “Why?” you might ask. Let us just say that the changes introduced in version 1.05 are very substantial. We are no longer faced with a walk in the park, with a machete in one hand, and a sledgehammer in the other. We are now faced with serious decisions when it comes to our equipment and fighting the undead. Teamwork has become far more important as well, because some of the maps now have hidden secrets, waiting to be cracked open.

No more Room in Hell Version 1.05, what has changed?

No More Room in Hell is a Half-Life 2 Mod with zombies. You and a handful of other players aim at either completing objectives or simply surviving a certain number of waves untill help arrives, or until, eventually, the zombies eat you. Unlike in Zombie Panic the zombies are controled only by the AI, which might make the game seem simple, but it is not, trust me on that.

As mentioned in the original article describing No More Room in Hell you begin each round “naked”. Your fists are your only weapon and you have to quickly explore your surroundings to find weapons, equipment and ammo that might aid you in surviving the endless zombie attacks. There is a rich selection of melee weapons and guns, allowing you to dispatch zombies in numerous ways (but usually, with an accurate hit to the head). Of course with guns comes ammo, and there is never enough ammo for all the zombies. On top of that there is bound to be more than one gun on the map, and if each player wants to have ammo and cooperation is lacking there might be a lot of angry and dead people very quickly. Cooperation is key, and now this need for cooperation becomes even clearer.

So, what does Version 1.05 of No More Room in Hell offer? The things that we managed to note so far (and which are very clear): New Inventory System, New Weapons, changes to Game Mechanics, Changed maps (with new maps) and “Hidden” secrets, that need a Welder to be unlocked. There are other things as well (such as changes to individual weapons) but we won’t be able to cover everything here.

No More Room in Hell

The new inventory “Pie Chart”. Sorted between my Pistol, Sniper Rifle, Welder and Ammo. By pressing the “2” button you can see what sort of ammo you have on you (and how much).

What is the new Inventory System about? Now you have a clearly shown pie chart of how much space you have in your inventory for weapons and ammo. It is no longer possible to carry around a full stock of ammo for every single weapon, and each weapon will take up a different amount of space in your inventory. Although this does hinder your abilities when it comes to bringing back plenty of ammo for your team, it also stops hoarders from taking absolutely everything they can get their grubby hands on. You will be now free to throw away any type of ammo, including Flares (this was not possible earlier) as well as Pills (this was a bit hard).

Another huge change is the health system, and items associated with it. Instead of just health crates, which were of any use only during Survival rounds, you now have bandages and Aid-Kits. Bandages stop bleeding, which might occur at any time from a zombie scratch. As far as I could tell using Aid-Kits and Health Crates does not stop bleeding, so it is important there is a stock of them gathered up for all to use. Aid-Kits are one-use items that allow you to recover from some of your wounds.

Let’s talk briefly about some of the “Game Mechanics” changes. First of all, you no longer run as fast when walking backward as you used to. This movement turns into a turtle crawl if you are aiming down the sights, making you a juicy target for flanking zombies. Some of the weapons have been reworked. The two most notable changes I have seen was the Sledgehammer and SKS. Now doing even quick swings with the Sledgehammer will quickly tire you out, and although its power remains the same, the added Stamina drain makes it now a poor choice against huge zombie crowds in tight spaces. The SKS in turn is no longer a quick “Eye Poker”. Just as previously, it is highly effective when used properly but its Melee “Rate of Fire” has been greatly reduced. Another interesting idea, which adds to the complexity of fighting the undead, is that you no longer have a nice HUD which tells you how much ammo your gun holds, or how much you have in your reserve (unless you check the Ammo inventory screen). Instead your character will shout out how much ammo is left in the gun, or after reloading a weapon he will state how many “Reloads” (full or partial clips) are still left. Here I should also mention the new weapons, but you will be able to read about them in detail in our appropriate Guides, once we update them.

No More Room in Hell

So close, yet so far… Where are all the C4 explosives when you need them most?

The last thing that I would like to mention is that some of the maps have been reworked, while also describing the two new maps. Both of the new maps are Survival style maps, one named Favela while the other one I nicknamed “Shopping Mall” (it’s essentially that). Favela is exactly what it sounds like. A shanty section of a city, with derelict abandoned buildings, and littered streets. What makes this map interesting is that the players are free to walk above the streets, out of harm’s way, while the Bases they have to protect are on ground level, inside two buildings on opposite sides of the map. So on one hand you can safely have a group of people above ground, sniping at the incoming horde, while another group protects the entrances to the bases. Very well thought out map, with plenty of weapons littered about. The “Shopping Mall” is just that. You have a number of finished shops, as well as a section of the Mall that is still being constructed. The map has six entry points for zombies, and your aim is to survive for 13 waves, and then lock all the six entrances. There are two closed locations within this map that can be welded open, with a Welder of course. The Gun Shop (who wouldn’t want to open it?) and the Pharmacy “Storage” area (with all the actual goodies). Also a great map, with two areas where supply drops can literally fall through the roof. Some of the older maps have been slightly changed, and for example Isolated now has a shed that can be welded open, with a chainsaw and ammo hidden inside.

More small tweaks and changes have been added to the game (such as, the possibility of pushing back a zombie with a standard attack and killing multiple zombies with a single magnum bullet), but you can either discover them for yourself, by downloading the Mod (all you need is the Source Engine installed) or by checking the official announcement on the No More Room in Hell Website.

In turn, we now have the difficult task of reworking our Weapon Guides, since we will have to check how the new weapons perform, and what has changed in some of the older weapons. Don’t panic though! A lot of what has been stated earlier still applies, but stay on your guard. You never know when a zombie could appear behind you!

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