No More Room in Hell. Close and Personal.

When all the guns fall silent, and there is no supply drop in sight, you take out whatever weapon you reserved yourself for an emergency, and cave in some skulls. Melee weapons are, by far, the most numerous weapon category in No More Room in Hell. You have a wide range of construction tools, as well as a few improvised weapons, with a “cream” of murder-inclined accessories. I warn ahead, this is going to be the longest guide about No More Room in Hell weapons, so I designed a handy Table summarizing all the weapons as briefly as possible, in case you are in a hurry.

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No More Room in Hell

In case one weapon doesn’t cut it, you have something to bash and chop your way through the undead hordes.

No More Room in Hell. Close and Personal.

Melee weapons come in many shapes and sizes. You could be using a flashlight, or a sledgehammer. All melee weapons use up your stamina. Each swing, whether it hit or not, will drain some of it. As you pummel away at zombie skulls you will hear your character breathing louder, and louder. Eventually this could mean that you will be unable to take another swing until some of your stamina regenerates. Certain weapons appear to drain your stamina quicker than others. It should be noted that a more powerful swing will drain a larger portion of your stamina.

Weapon NameOne-Handed/Two-Handed?One-hit kill?Overall Score
Baseball BatTwo-HandedYes8/10
Fire AxeTwo-HandedYes7/10
Fire ExtinguisherTwo-HandedNo3/10
Fists (No Weapon)N/ANo3/10
(Building) HammerTwo-HandedYes7/10
Lead PipeTwo-HandedYes7/10
Pipe WrenchTwo-HandedYes6/10

There are two types of weapons. One-handed and two-handed. It might be surprising that certain one-handed weapons are as effective as certain two-handed weapons, but those players with plenty of experience will know which blade or blunt object to pick up first, and you might be stuck with the more clumsy weapons. One-handed weapons can be used together with a flashlight, making fighting in dark and claustrophobic locations much easier, or at least less scary.

Another important note. A lot of the melee weapons have a far longer range than it appears. When using your flashlight, fists, or SKS-Bayonet you will be able to wound and kill zombies before the zombies themselves can hit back. Beginners will often run up to zombies, resulting in dead survivors and lost equipment. Practice on the zombies with whichever melee weapons you like and you will soon find that you can safely kill them, if you keep a short distance. In case the zombies get too close press V. This way you will push the zombie(s) back. This will stop a zombie grapple and provide you with some breathing space and time to react.

Baseball Bat

The B-Bat, in the days before the apocalypse, was used to deflect flying projectiles called baseballs, in order to score points. Today, these wooden or metal sport instruments are effective skull-smashing tools. In No More Room in Hell the B-Bat is one of my personal favorites, since it appears to drain less stamina than other weapons, while also allowing a skilled player to deliver quick head-kills with powered swings. Sadly, you cannot propel a zombie back with a well placed swing.


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  1. John Smith says:

    thanks for the tips man keep it up.. but where can i find the tutorial on these functions like power hit and stuff like that?

    • WriterX says:

      There is no tutorial, sadly. You just have to practice. For example, if you hold down the left mouse button you will do a more powerful swing. If you tap lightly you will do a quick swing.

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