No More Room in Hell. Handguns, almost like in the Wild West.

“Oh, wait, could you just leave that rifle for me? How about the shotgun? Oh come on, can I at least have the chainsaw? No? Great… all I have left are these handguns…” In fact, it’s not that bad. While everybody will be running around with their “big guns” you will have an equally powerful weapon, and have the option of carrying around a bigger melee weapon. Every zombie movie had handguns, and shotguns. Unlike the “big boys”, handguns are easier to wield and conceal. You can easily carry a handgun and not be hindered by its weight. As you can imagine, a lot of people also have handguns for protection, hidden away in their homes. So it becomes mildly obvious that during the zombie apocalypse almost everybody would have a handgun. No More Room in Hell is no exception.

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No More Room in Hell

Gentleman’s choice of arms.

No More Room in Hell: Pistols, Handguns, Revolvers.

No More Room in Hell has a rich selection of weapons. In the case of handguns we only have a choice of three different firearms, but more are to be added in the future. Just like in the case of previous weapons, the handguns differ in their strengths and weaknesses, although all of them when used by a responsible shooter are deadly. Let’s dig deeper into them.

Beretta M9

No More Room in Hell

Beretta M9 With “Eagle” Ammo Packs

I used to have a Beretta M9 in the form of a BB Gun. I loved it, for its shape and its constant appearance in numerous movies and TV series, together with the Glock. In No More Room in Hell the Beretta is a very useful firearm for two reasons: ammo capacity, and one-shot-kill headshots. Unlike the other handguns, the Beretta has a total ammo capacity of 15+1. This is more than enough to almost completely kill off the entire first wave, and later on to protect yourself against runners or a big horde. It’s high rate of fire will allow you to quickly fire at close range, and although it is not extremely accurate at long ranges it will do more than fine at a medium range.

Although I might be wrong here, a kill-shot from a Beretta has to be an accurate headshot, otherwise you will have to waste more bullets finishing off a zombie. The use of 9mm bullets does mean that it is not the most powerful of the handguns but it *is* strong enough. You just have to aim. An additional bonus of the Beretta are its iron sights, which are “marked” (three white dots), allowing you to fire in almost complete darkness accurately. Since it is sharing ammo with the MP5 expect your precious bullets to be used up by that hungry SMG, especially if used on full auto. Note that M9 bullet packs are small boxes with the symbol of an eagle.

Colt National Match 1911

No More Room in Hell

Colt 1911 with “Wolf” Ammo Packs

I love the Colt 1911. It is as classy a handgun as the Beretta, if not more. Having been in service for the US army since 1911 it more than sufficiently earned its praise and prestige. Now, you can use this gun against zombies. It uses .45 ACP ammo, which in-game can be found in the shape of small boxes with the symbol of a wolf. The Colt 1911 has a total ammo capacity of 7+1.

Unlike the Beretta, the Colt 1911 suffers the drawback in the form of halved ammo capacity. This might not seem like much a problem, since the Colt’s firepower appears to be higher than that of the Beretta, but it could bite you back during an emergency. It also has a lower rate of fire than the Beretta, making the Colt 1911 a good medium to short-range gun. In the right hands it will dispatch many zombies. Since it is the only gun using .45 ACP ammo you will rarely have a shortage, unless more Colts spawn.

Smith & Wesson 686-6

No More Room in Hell

Magnum .357 with its Ammo Packs

With the new patch the Magnum has been slightly reworked. Previously it was a six shot cowboy-revolver, with decent accuracy, huge power, yet low rate of fire. This made the Magnum, among its peers, the strongest yet the slowest handgun. Another con of using the Magnum was a limited drum capacity. Six shots are simply not enough against a zombie horde. Now, this changed slightly. The Magnum’s make-over comes in its new ability to actually pierce multiple zombie heads. So far I had reached the conclusion that it can pierce two zombies at the same time, assuming their heads are aligned in the bullet’s fly arc. In terms of general damage output, both the Magnum and the Winchester (they share the same ammo type) need the exact same number of shots to the chest to take out a zombie (four shots). However, the Magnum can punch through multiple zombie heads, something the Winchester does not appear to be capable of doing.

It is important to note that the ammo pack for the Magnum looks like a small black box with a “drum” attached to its top. Once you see it you will never forget what it looks like. Also, take note, out of all the available weapons the Magnum is one of the very few that can actually stumble a zombie back with a body shot.


Each of the pistols are accurate and can kill zombies with accurate headshots. Some of the handguns will perform better than others, depending on the situation. The Beretta might be better at close encounters against a big horde of undead, while the Magnum or Colt will be a useful side arm to any main weapon you use. All three handguns can be used together with the flashlight, allowing you to see what’s ahead, while having a more than adequate weapon ready. Although the bigger guns might be more deadly or accurate, depending on the circumstances, handguns should not be scoffed at.

What better way to win a survival or objective map than with a pistol in your hand?

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5 Responses to No More Room in Hell. Handguns, almost like in the Wild West.

  1. normankk1234 says:

    in NMRiH, i love using the pistol compares to most other guns because it has less drawback, quick reload, and ability to use maglite/flashlight at the same time. However, i am unable to one shot kill zombie with Beretta most of the time compares to Bolt and Magmum (not sure if i aim at the wrong spot or not, but i swear it hit the head everytime but their head didnt explode)

    • WriterX says:

      Try playing a “Solo” game by hosting your own Server. I know this will sound strange but sometimes when you play Solo certain weapons perform better (like I observed with the Beretta) than during online Multiplayer games. I sometimes had successful one-shot-kills with the Beretta online, but very rarely.

    • Fanatyk says:

      norman, I have done a lot of testing in NIMRH. While in normal game I hardly ever manage to kill a zombie with a single shot in the head with the beretta, when I aim really carefully, more often than not – I do. Mind, that beretta is not especially precise either. I’d say it is just on the verge of the ability to do so, and to some degree it depends on your luck.


  2. Cant help but notice you left out the glock and that funny looking (target shooting i think) pistol

    • WriterX says:

      It has been a while since I last played NMRiH, and I did not have a chance to update the weapon guides since the last time I played. It’s why some of the guns might be missing, as I recall the Glock was a later addition to the game.

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