No More Room in Hell – 10 Tips to save your brains

Sometimes playing and perfecting one game means that playing any other game would be a walk in the park, instead of a new challenge. With zombie games this is rarely the case. A lot depends on the setting, game mechanics and your own abilities. You could be playing Left 4 Dead with fast paper zombies but also many dangerous special infected, or Zombie Panic with intelligent player zombies. No More Room in Hell might be using AI zombies, but this does not make them any less difficult to defeat, especially when you make a number of basic mistakes which shorten your life drastically.

This list of 10 Tips will hopefully help you fight off the undead during both Survival and Objective maps. Naturally, there is more to fighting Undead than just a 10 Tips list, and in the case of No More Room in Hell a whole lot of weapons to choose from. Why not check out our Weapon Guides?

No More Room in Hell

A stairwell full of zombies, against a Machete? They will need more zombies.

No More Room in Hell – 10 Tips to save your brains

1. Aim for the Head – This is most certainly the most common tip any zombie game will give you. Any shot or hit to the head will often do much more damage to a zombie than any single body hit. Pistols give you the advantage of range, allowing you to focus at a zombie’s brain from afar and fire an accurate shot. Melee weapons are far more demanding, but if you use the correct ones killing zombies up close will be as simple as killing them from afar.

2. Reload often – When you carry around any firearm you should always keep it fully loaded, in case you run into a bigger group of zombies, or you are in need of quickly saving your own skin. Walking around with an empty or half-loaded gun means that you will realize this sad fact when you need it to work the most. Whenever you have a pause, reload your weapons.

3.Keep a Melee weapon – Walking around with a gun might make you feel safe, but there is always a possibility that you will run out of bullets. When that happens it pays to have some melee weapon on you. Let us be honest, if you expected to reach wave 10 with a gun you found in the wilds, even if you had enough ammo for it, does not guarantee you can feel safe. You might had forgotten to reload, or you simply do not have the time to do so. When that happens, you will have to get dirty.

4. Store any ammo you find – When you head off to recover a Supply Drop, or checking every corner for ammo, always pick up all the ammo you find. That is not to say you should keep it for yourself. One of your team mates might need bullets for a specific gun, and during later waves be unable to go out and search for them. If you used the opportunity to grab all the ammo you found, then deposit it in an area you could call your “Armory” anybody will have a chance to take what they need. Teamwork is crucial for survival.

5. Kill Runners first – During later waves you will encounter runners. They might be Adult zombies, or Children zombies. Whichever one you encounter, shoot first, ask questions later. Runners are dangerous in close combat, due to their speed, and can reach unprotected Safe Zones before you can react, damaging them. If you have clear sight of a runner try gunning him down. Fighting Runners up close is risky, but if you are skilled enough they should pose no threat. Remembers, runners have much less health than ordinary zombies. An accurate shot or melee hit will put them out of action.

6.  Keep Moving – When you are fighting up close, the last thing you want to do is stand still. Keep moving around the zombies and bunch them up, this way you will ensure none of them will ambush you from behind. During the start of a wave Runners will have an incredibly hard time hitting you, up until you stop, so watch out for obstacles and other zombies!

7. Do not block-off pathways – Barricades are useful for stopping zombie tides, but do not use them to stop players.When building a barricade make sure that a player can jump over it, or crawl under it. It is a also a wise idea to keep enough space for anybody to attack the besieging zombies safely, without damaging the barricade.

8. Supply Drops – Supply Drops will save your behind, more than once. Whether you use a Flare Gun, or get a scripted Supply Drop, make sure a few of your team mates rush for the precious ammo and guns that just flew in. Make them drop everything they carried on them, so that they can carry as many fresh supplies back as possible. Otherwise you will end up with plenty of inaccessible supplies, once fresh zombie waves begin.

9. Look around – Only because you did not see a zombie behind you five seconds ago, does not mean there isn’t one now. Zombies have the annoying habit of appearing when you least expect them. Some of them, it seems, will shuffle quicker if you turn your back on them. Combine this Tip with “Keep Moving” so that you will not be surprised by a zombie grapple and a sudden death at the hands of its brother and sisters.

10. Don’t Panic – You might be facing a hundred zombies, while being the only survivor, but that does not mean you should give up.If you have a gun with plenty of ammo, or a decent melee weapon, you have absolutely nothing to fear. Keep your cool and take out the zombies one by one. It is easy to feel over-confident, and charge into a horde machete-first. Don’t take unnecessary risks, know your surroundings and stay focused. Anything is possible with enough practice, and a tiny bit of luck.

Hidden Pro-Tip 1. – Learn to Count – When you are the last survivor, and there is a handful of zombies left, make sure you leave six of them alive, then count them. Why? Once the number of zombies in a wave drops to 5 a count-down will begin before the next wave comes in. This is believed to be 20 seconds, but when you run around, looking for every last zombie, it feels much shorter. If there are survivors waiting to re-spawn you have to kill off the wave completely. That is when counting the zombies helps. You know where all of them are, and you can prepare yourself for quickly killing all six of them, within the time limit. During later waves the total number of zombies which spawns will be greater than what the game HUD suggests, which is not a problem in terms of clearing the wave. You do not have to clear the map, just kill the number of zombies the game expects you to. Remember: Survivors re-spawn during scripted Supply Drops, even if the previous wave was not completely cleared.

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