No More Room in Hell: Everything Else Guide

In this part of our No More Room in Hell Guide we focus on the weapons and equipment that were not mentioned in the previous related Guides. We will look over the Flare Gun, Grenades, Ruger 10/22, Simonov SKS and the MP5A3. In this Guide I would also wish to explain how burning zombies works, and how do supply drops operate, both events being related to the Flare Gun (though not exclusively).

No More Room in Hell: Everything Else Guide


Sometimes, you’ll be lucky. Grenades are a rare treat, unavailable (to my knowledge) from supply drops. They appear so rarely, I doubt most people know they exist. Grenades, when you pick them up in the wilds, appear as a single grenade, but in fact represent two. You are unable to check how many grenades you have on hand, and I do not know what is your maximum grenade capacity (I never found that many grenades).

No More Room in Hell

Two for the price of one? More likely than it looks.

As you can imagine, grenades are thrown, a short distance, and explode after a few seconds. They are incredibly destructive explosives, although with limited range, and sometimes surprising effectiveness. When thrown be careful that you are not within range of the explosion (it is usually, more or less, room sized). Although one grenade should not kill you outright (unless you stand on it) the second one, or the zombies, could.

For maximum effectiveness, throw grenades down stairs into huge zombie mobs. They are wasted against small groups of zombies, so I would recommend using them in later waves, when you want to save ammo, or do not want to risk close combat.

Flare Gun

The Flare Gun has two uses, one more important than the other. It can be used against zombies, but it is neither that efficient, nor will you ever have enough supplies to kill off an entire wave. If you want to use the Flare Gun effectively you must ensure that zombies are tightly packed together. Based on my own testing, zombies standing a meter or two away from your flare won’t ignite. As such, if there is a tight packed stairwell you could take out a good portion of zombies with a flare. The risk is that burning zombies could start running. Make sure you are far enough for the zombies to die from the flames, before they reach you. Alternatively, make sure somebody is guarding the passage toward you.

No More Room in Hell

Flare Gun with its ammo pack next to it. Due to their brighter coloring they can be spotted in almost complete darkness.

The primary use for the Flare Gun is calling in supplies. You can call in a Supply Drop at any time, as long as there is no other Supply Drop already on the ground. If there is a crate on the ground already you have to empty it out. Take out everything from it, and if you do not need it, throw it on the ground. Once the Supply Drop crate is gone you can call in a new one. If there is a scripted Supply Drop (for example, after Wave 4) any Supply Drop already on the ground will disappear.

When picking up ammo for the Flare Gun remember that you cannot drop it. Inform the person on Flare Gun duty where ammo to the Flare Gun is. The only way to obtain Flares from somebody is for them to die, and drop everything. At least, for now (v. 1.04)

Ruger 10/22

This is, by far, the strangest weapon you can get your hands on. It is pathetically weak, when used blindly against zombies, but with accurate headshots it is almost as good as any other rifle in the game. The Ruger has an ammo capacity of 10+1, and its ammo packs have a distinct white colour, and are much smaller, when compared to other ammo packs.

No More Room in Hell

All packed and ready for the field trip.

It has a high rate of fire, and decent accuracy. With its decent clip size you can quickly dispatch big groups of zombies (as long as you aim). When compared to all the other guns in the game it has the highest ammo capacity (ammo you can carry with you) in the game, a total of 120 rounds.

The Ruger is, on one hand, a toy gun. On the other hand, and if in the right hand, it can be a deadly weapon. The only condition is your own accuracy, and a decent supply of .22LR rounds. If you cannot aim properly you have to look for a different rifle.

Simonov SKS

I already praised the Simonov for its bayonet in the Melee weapons Guide. How does it perform as a rifle? It has an ammo capacity of 10, a quick reload (no matter if you reload one round or a whole clip), and deadly firepower. It guarantees a clean head-kill, but when used wildly it will be largely ineffective.

No More Room in Hell


Due to its bayonet the SKS can continue fighting even when it runs out of ammo. If you are ever in a tight situation, and your clip ran out, the bayonet could save you. The bayonet also delivers clean head-kills, since body hits appear to do less damage, though it can, on occasion, kill on single body-hits (although rarely).

I am a fan of the SKS, because it is both a deadly firearm and close combat weapon. Since it covers both areas nicely you have no need for any other weapons, but if you do pick something up you will have the confidence in the form of additional protection. Just like in the case of the Ruger, learn to aim at the head. Body hits make this weapon appear much weaker than it actually is.


Among the wide selection of weapons in No More Room in Hell the MP5A3 is the single weapon which makes me want to cave in players’ heads in. It is an absolute ammo waster. Somebody with an MP5 is usually guaranteed to spit out all the 9mm rounds, while killing only a handful of zombies, as opposed to a skilled M9 Beretta player who will clear out an entire wave with the same ammo load-out.

No More Room in Hell

The MP5. If only it had burst fire…

My hatred for this weapon does not only come from the people who tend to use it, but also its own wild nature. A single click could fire off more than a single bullet, and when you spray off an entire clip at the zombies you will be completely blinded by the muzzle flash.

Despite my dislike for this firearm, it can be put to good use, in the right hands. At medium to close ranges you can take out groups of zombies, with controlled clicks. Up close you could spray an entire clip into a horde, and kill a sizable portion of them. In the end though, I cannot find it justifiable to waste an entire clip wildly, rather than use two M9 Beretta Clips far more effectively.


Among these weapons the non-scoped rifles are mildly accurate and deadly, as long as you deliver headshots. The SKS is deadlier due to its bayonet, although the Ruger can have an impressive ammo capacity. The MP5A3 is an ammo waster, although in the right hands it can be an effective weapon. Grenades are very good at clearing out concentrations of zombies, especially during later waves. Lastly, the Flare Gun is an adequate zombie killing weapon, but during Survival Rounds it can be put to better use by calling in Supply Drops. Remember to empty out those Supply Drop Crates before you call in a new one. Otherwise you will waste precious flares.

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