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Primal Carnage – “Pyro” and “Headbutt Dino” Video

We have some new footage from Primal Carnage. This time we get a glimpse at two different classes/characters, one for the Mercs and one for the Dinos. First we will have an opportunity to see the Pyromaniac, who uses grenades and an awesome Flamethrower-Chainsaw. How come nobody ever thought of combining the Chainsaw with a Flamethrower? I can see such a weapon both in Fallout and Team Fortress (for the Pyro), yet nobody thought it up before! The second character/class is what I call the “Headbutt Dino” (Carnotaurus). I call it the Headbutt Dino for one simple reason. It headbutts everything. In the video you will see it headbutt its way through Mercs with incredible ease.  Its first proper appearance in the video made me laugh, because it rammed into a tightly packed group of survivors, making them fly off in different directions, as if it was a bowling track.

Valve Announces Steam Greenlight

Yesterday (9th July 2012) Valve announced Steam Greenlight, to be available to the public at the end of August (30th August 2012). The aim of Steam Greenlight is to give developers an opportunity to promote and sell their games on Steam. How does it work exactly? Let us say you were an up-start Developer with a game in your hand. You know you have a player base, but you want to try to shine in the bigger spotlight. Most online Stores pick at their own leisure what is and isn’t sold. After all, they have to make money, and accepting a new studio into their store could cost them more than the profits you could offer.

Steam Greenlight is meant to change how this will look, on Steam at least.

Steam Greenlight

Steam Greenlight, coming soon.

War of the Roses Pre-Beta Sign Up!

Did you ever feel like grabbing a claymore and cleaving your friends, in a friendly manner, in half? Perhaps you wanted to remind Knights why riding on horseback does not save them from a bolt to the head? Maybe you just want to experience some intense medieval combat, using all manner of weapons and techniques to defeat your opponents in style? This, and much more in War of the Roses! While we wait for the full release, why not try signing up for the Beta and help in ironing out the game?

War of the Roses

“I see the Beta approaching.”

Company of Heroes 2 – Forgotten Sacrifice Trailer

Recently a new trailer for Company of Heroes 2 was released. Throughout most of it we do not get to observe any in-game action. What we do get is some facts and numbers about the 2nd World War. At first the focus is on the Western Front, where we are told what were the losses for the Americans during D-Day and further. Then we are told of the Eastern Front, and how many more losses they suffered (half a million as opposed to 11 million troops and 15 million civilians). The morale of the trailer is that we should not forget about the sacrifice of those people, to stop the spread of the Axis forces east.

I might not be a qualified historian, but the way the Trailer is presented made it feel more like a Propaganda movie reel than an actual trailer. It is easy to forget about the reasons for such high losses (not all of them were a result of Nazi murder), the fanatical, often blind, devotion to the Soviet Union. I do not mean to make it sound in a negative way, but when I recall the facts that Stalingrad and Leningrad were not evacuated, so that the Red Army soldiers would fight for a “living city”, and not a dead one, speaks a bit of how the leaders viewed the populace.

Team Fortress 2 – Meet the Pyro Video

I loved every single “Meet the” Video that came out about Team Fortress 2. Each one presented the different classes in their own special way. To many the Pyro was the most mysterious of our “Heroes”. He did not speak, there were doubts about his gender, and nobody could honestly look inside that mask and know for certain who the Pyro is. That changed today, sort of. Meet the Pyro video has been released, as part of the “Pyromania Update” for Team Fortress 2. Not only did we get a new Game Mode, but also plenty of new gear for the different classes. So far only two of the three day “reveals” have been made, so we have yet to see what Day 3 will grant us.

Let us jump to the video itself however. The Pyro does not speak much, if at all. Instead we hear a few opinions from his team mates. I shall be frank with all of you, whomever wrote up the idea for Meet the Pyro deserves an actual Cake (not the Lie one). It is both intense in a terrifying way, and hilarious. I honestly did not expect what would happen, since my mind was stuck on Texas Chainsaw Massacre, and on top of that we got something which reminded me of the Beatles, My Little Pony and numerous non-descript 70s-80s ideas.

Project Zomboid News and Live Trailer

According to recent announcements work on the Project Zomboid Public Test v. 0.2.0r is progressing nicely, and we can just about see it over the horizon. This is not the only news however, since the Project Zomboid blog has been mildly active over the past two weeks. We could read a Blog Post by Phil Cameron on the different Mods the community created for Project Zomboid (such as, RobertJohnson’s and Thuztor’s Farming Mod). We had a posting focusing our gaze on other great Horror Survival titles from the Zombie Genre we could all help support and/or Kickstart. There is more, but I would wish to speak more about Project Zomboid itself. If you want to check out any of the info stated before, check out the official Project Zomboid Blog.

Project Zomboid

Smoother lighting, new items and a “Social Interaction Bar” at the bottom. These are just a few things of the many that are slowly crawling into our Safe Zones!

Heroes and Generals – Come Out and Play Video

Hello Commanders and Soldiers! The Reto-Moto Team has released a new Heroes and Generals trailer today, and to be honest, I absolutely love it! Among the actors you will not only see your average “Joe” and “Hans” (among the “Computer Soldiers), but also a rich selection of developers and Community members, all taking part in heated combat. It is an interesting idea, because you have to use a bit of your imagination to cover up the lack of uniforms and weapons, yet it all comes together nicely, including the hilarious “Hellcat Destruction” scene or the final scene (I shall not spoil it for you).

Heroes and Generals

“Let’s get to work.”

Heroes and Generals – “Bradley” Video

Heroes and Generals is going into a new build of its Beta testing. New content has been added since the beginning of the Beta, including changes to the Town Map, balancing to the Weapons and Modifications, etc. One of the key changes is the addition of the Rifleman for any starting player. This is important for anybody who did not play the game yet, and might buy the wrong Class. The Video below includes all of this information, and more. Explanations about the Modifications might prove highly useful to anybody who is curious about them.

In our Pre-Beta Preview article we offer you some of the juicy details about the game itself, including both the “General” and “Hero” perspectives.

World of Tanks Patch 7.5 Details

Greetings tankers! Our spies have dug up the early details on the upcoming Patch 7.5 from the Russian World of Tanks site. Despite my hopes we will not be seeing the British tanks just yet, although we will have: Maps, Tanks and Award/Medals. What exactly should we expect? Read on.

World of Tanks

The German answer to everything, even bigger guns.

World of Tanks Patch 7.4 Public Test #2

Attention tankers! The new Public Test for Patch 7.4 is live. Starting today and lasting till the 12th of June. There will be slight differences between the 1st Public test and the current one. So if you feel like testing out the new vehicles, contributing to World of Tanks, or anything else for that matter, check the official announcement for installation details.

World of Tanks

Fine tuning the French tanks before their final release.