NEO Scavenger – Ten Beginner Tips

6. Crafting – You can make a lot of very useful items through crafting. Weapons, ammo, safe drinking water, etc. If you play your cards right you could find yourself carrying some of the deadliest weapons in the game without having to enter the city!

Combining items can be a bit confusing. When crafting some items can be combined into different things, or deconstructed. When you insert a few items into the crafting window, but you do not see the end result you wanted, look for an arrow above the “result” window. That will scroll through your crafting options, if you have any.

Remember, when crafting an item that has a “condition” (between 0 and 100%) what condition your final item will have depends on the average of all the conditions of the items used in crafting. For example, if you had a Sled with 50% condition and added a medium cord (it has no condition listed, so it’s always 100%) then you would end up with a Sled with a String with 75% condition.

For a long list of different Crafting recipes check the NEO Scavenger Wiki.

7. Camping – Not every location is good for camping. In fact, your choices might be very limited. Each camp site can be in some way improved, through the use of found or crafted items. You can select which camping spot you want to rest in by selecting a camping spot on the rand hand side of the screen. Usually the game will select the BEST camping spot.

Having a camp does not guarantee the safety of your items. Bandits can still enter and take your stuff, but if you plan on looting a local area you can use the camp as an area to gather all that you found, and then take only those things that you will need for your further journey.

In order to hide things in your camp you have to first place them on the ground. Then, through the camping menu you have to put them into the camp inventory. By doing this you can also improve campsites by adding sleeping bags, fires, tarp covers and other items. See the Camping page on the Wiki for details.

NEO Scavenger

Bleeding does not mean the end of the world. If you wait long enough you will stop bleeding eventually… But you might as well use a bandage to stop bleeding sooner.

8. Lets talk about health – A lot of things can go awry with your character. Let us talk first about combat wounds.

During combat you can suffer bruises and cuts. Cuts will cause a bit of blood loss, while bruises will heal themselves over time. All wounds will also cause a bit of pain, which if accumulated sufficiently could make your character pass out during combat. Bruises can cause fractures inside of your body, which in turn means more pain, and possible internal bleeding. Depending on what you are attacked by your wounds will differ.

Fractures can be “fixed” with splints. That does not mean you will be fully operational but you will not be as penalized as before. For cuts and bruises you can apply bandages. You should use CLEAN RAGS over DIRTY RAGS. Dirty rags if used over wounds can cause infections. Clean rags, when used, will turn into dirty rags eventually. It is possible to clean dirty rags and turn them into clean rags. Alcohol can also be used to clean your wounds. It is possible to survive without using any bandages or alcohol, but if you have numerous bleeding cuts, and especially if you have lost a lot of blood, use those bandages and other medical supplies to recover, or the next fight could be your last.

Disease and poisoning can happen. Antibiotics help with most diseases. Food, water, untended wounds, can all cause diseases and poisoning. Usually the side-effects include vomiting, which reduces both your hunger and thirst by a margin. You can test the quality of water with a water tester, and you can also boil it to make it safe for consumption. Food can be safely identified with the Botany skill (in the case of berries and shrooms). Meat can be cooked over a fireplace, making it safe to eat (human meat is risky).

9. Know your enemy – The AI in NEO Scavenger is not “dumb”. Bandits will follow your trail, but they could flee as well. I had moments when an empty shotgun was capable of forcing a bandit to flee, since he did not know whether I had a shell or not. Even a group of bandits could flee, if you threaten them sufficiently.

Looters -> Bandits -> Raiders. Looters tend to be the weakest, while Bandits and Raiders could have working firearms. Be very careful when facing them. If you see a bandit with a gun charging at you? He has no ammo. If he has ammo, use cover, then close the distance through sneaking.

Melonheads are as much a pest as Looters. They are only dangerous in very big groups. Dogmen are far more dangerous, and Horrors just as much. If you see a Dogman or Horror and you lack a strong ranged weapon (bow or firearm) move in the opposite direction. You could try hiding, but the Dogman or Horror could still bump into you.

Ranged weapons, no matter the type, are a good way to start any engagement. Even a sling with pebbles, combined with the Ranged skill, could take out far superior opponents in just a few attacks. The Bow and Spear are two weapons you can make yourself and they are very dangerous, in the right hands. Firearms are rare, and the right ammo to them is almost non-existent. Keep the firearms for special occasions, and rely on weapons you can craft yourself for dealing with the vast majority of enemies

10. DO NOT LOSE YOUR AMULET! – The amulet around your neck, if taken off, will summon a Wraith. This is the toughest enemy you can face in the game, and according to those who succeeded in doing so said that it was thanks to the largest firearm they could get their hands on, and a lot of luck. The Wraith appears when you no longer carry your amulet.

You can lose your amulets when: 1) Bandits loot you, and 2) You use the amulet for crafting (that can happen). You can also willingly take the amulet off to fight the Wraith. Why would you want to fight the Wraith? You deal with the biggest challenge in the game, and since there will be only the one Wraith in the entire game you will be safe to use the amulet for crafting, or as something to sell at the Junk Market.


There are things  I did not mention, such as random events, locations or the “City”, but this is a guide for beginners, so if you are looking for more precise information on a topic check the NEO Scavenger Wiki! All your answers will be there.

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    Trapping is a must have. You die from freezing easier then from starvation. Trapping allows you to make a fire with friction.

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