Mount & Blade Warband: Napoleonic Wars DLC Released.

Mount & Blade had numerous Mods that caught my attention. Sometimes it was the original design, sometimes additional functions to the game itself. I was always keen to try out a new mod, and one of them was Mount & Musket. Having been in a Battalion (think of it as a clan), both as an Infantryman and member of the cavalry I appreciated the brotherhood of players working together on the battlefield, operating in formations during the Napoleonic era. The battles were huge, with Commanders handing out orders when appropriate. Outside these battles there were the training sessions, and the “ordinary” battles, with other players. Mount & Musket was a great experience, because each nation had a number of “units” at their disposal.

The “Rifleman” is equipped with a rifle and bayonet. The aim is horrible, and often you rely on luck, more than anything. The close combat is demanding, and it took time for anybody to fight effectively. Acting as a member of a cavalry battalion was one of my favourite moments, the climatic charges, encircling and destruction of poorly organised infantry was always fun and satisfying. Then there was the artillery. Cannons needed a small crew to operate, and although not always effective they could make a difference. Cannons could be moved around, making them an important element of any battle force. There were other classes, such as musicians, skirmishers and (in the case of the Russian Empire) a poorly armed militia.

I enjoyed that mod, but since I had little time to spare I had to focus on other games, though I still remained in contact with my old battalion. Today I decided to check the Paradox Plaza and to my astonishment a multiplayer DLC called Napoleonic Wars was released only yesterday. When I watched the trailer at first I was highly suspicious when I realised all the models I saw were very similar to those in Mount & Musket. Upon closer investigation it turned out that the group, which designed the older mod, worked on this DLC under the name Flying Squirrel Entertainment.

Mount & Blade Warband: Napoleonic Wars


The DLC is in essence the old Mod, with much more optimization, many more units, much more weapons, more music… the list goes on. Remembering how servers could be unstable in Mount & Musket I am certain the Flying Squirrel group eliminated that problem in this DLC.

List of Features:

  • Accurate early 19th century weapons, uniforms and environments.
  • Massive multiplayer battles with up to 250 players.
  • 5 nations with more than 220 unique units to choose from.
  • A wide range of artillery pieces ranging from field cannons to mortars, capable of firing cannonballs, canister or explosive shells, all fully controllable by players.
  • Destructible environments; players can use a range of artillery and explosives to destroy various buildings, bridges and other structures.
  • Finely crafted game balance insuring player skill is the hero of the battlefield, not the gun or the sword.
  • Construct barricades, dig trenches, and rig explosives with the multi-purpose Engineer class.
  • Special musician units with drums, fifes, bagpipes or trumpets, able to play historically accurate tunes; all recorded and played by award winning musicians.
  • More than 40 classical background music tracks.

You can buy the DLC through a number of sites and clients, including GamersGate and Steam. If you are interested in Napoleonic style multiplayer warfare on a huge scale, this is the mod for you. Do note this DLC does not have a Singleplayer campaign. If you wanted to become the next Napoleon and conquer the world on the grand-map you will have to keep looking!

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