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The Sarranid Sultanate settled in the vast desert bordering Calradia. It is unknown why they chose such a largely inhospitable area but the Sultanate were often a strange and mysterious people to the rest of Calradia. Their faith and culture often put them at odds with other kingdoms, and Sultanate merchants had many problems dealing with other merchants. Despite this, the Sarranid Sultanate was one of the richest lands of Calradia due to their export of mined salt. Some would argue that the Nord sea salt was produced in greater quantity but both kingdoms benefited from it greatly.

The Sarranid were mainly known for their knights, just like the Kingdom of Swadia. Unlike the Swadians, the Sarranid trained skilled archers instead of crossbowmen. What they lacked was a strong infantry force, and Sarranid men at arms were often outmatched by their counterparts from other kingdoms.

The Khergit Khanate was originally a nomadic group that settled in Calradia when they managed to conquer enough land from the other quarrelling kingdoms. The green steppes that the Khergit occupied suited their lifestyle perfectly. It was said the Khergits were born and died in the saddle. It might just be the case, as all their men and women were trained, from a young age, to ride. They favoured lighter armour and archery, but when need be they could gather a group of lancers to charge an enemy force, trampling or impaling anybody unfortunate enough to stand in their way.

The squabbling of Calradia had too consumed these noble people, and they abandoned their previous lives to fight the other kingdoms for land and wealth. However, Khergit tradition continued to exist, through their artisans. One of the major Khergit exports was pottery, often inscribed with most recent events. The Khergits also brought in all manner of spices, distributing them to the far reaches of Calradia. This economic strength was, most likely, one of the key reasons why the Khergits decided to settle down in Calradia.

The Kingdom of Nords, according to some sources, were the sailors of Calrad vessels, during the times of the great Empire. It is more likely that, just like the raiders that plagued them, the Nords were raiders themselves who settled in Calradia when they managed to fight off the other kingdoms. This observation is based not only on their location, but also their military tradition. The Nords used longboats and carried round shields as well as axes. The Nord huscarl was one of the most feared warriors of the time. Numerous bards speak of the combat achievements of the huscarls. Some claim that a huscarl could cleave through a Swadian knight, and his horse, with a single swing of his mighty axe. Others say that a huscarl could withstand any attack, no bolt or arrow piercing his skin. One tale, in particular, mentions the only recorded female huscarl, known as Matheld, who stormed a castle’s wall despite a hail of arrows, all on her own, and after fighting all the way down to the courtyard she opened the gate for the rest of her army. It is hard to believe that such a feat is at all possible.

The Nords were known for their export of sea salt that rivalled the Sarranid mined salt.

The Kingdom of Vaegirs were the most backward nation of Calradia. While the peasantry in other kingdoms was remotely civilized, that of Vaegirs was very much tribal. The lesser tribes obeyed their lords, or warlords, who then obeyed their king. The cold climate of the region resulted in all Vaegirs wearing thick furs, which often gave them an even more barbaric and uncivilized look. Their access to iron gave them an advantage when it came to producing weapons and armour, but their lack of discipline often resulted in their armies being routed before anything could be achieved. Still, the Kingdom of Vaegirs was an equal to the other kingdoms, mainly due to the strict hierarchical structure of their tribes, and also the difficult, cold terrain, which no other kingdom was properly prepared for, especially the neighbouring Sarranids.

The Great Wars

The Great Wars were, in fact, a series of smaller conflicts between all the kingdoms. During a single year there could have been as many as thirty small conflicts, often resulting in thousands dead on each side. A village that was razed just a month prior could be pillaged again by another lord. We cannot begin to imagine how devastated the countryside had to be from these countless conflicts.

To the lords and kings, the wars acted as a method of increasing personal riches. Very few lords cared for the lands they possessed, as long as taxes were paid on time, and in adequate measure. It is difficult to imagine how any kingdom could function on such a brutal and heartless ideology, but very few voices were ever raised in protest. The lesser lords were just as guilty as the monarchs they followed, while the countless soldiers and peasantry were merely resources to be used in the wars spanning the whole of Calradia.


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