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Most alliances were sealed through marriage, but what is interesting to note is that marriage between kingdoms was extremely rare. While alliances between lesser lords were common, those between kings were unheard of. Internal kingdom politics seemed far more important than that between other kingdoms. The warlike desires of Calradians at the time might be one of the reasons for this. In all the kingdoms marrying into a noble family was difficult. The heads of noble houses, typically the father of the bride, would choose the suitor. As is always the case, bards wrote many ballads of young brave men stealing the hearts of maidens, and running off with their new found love, chased by the angry father. Usually such tales ended with the young man being hanged and the maiden being married off regardless.

For those seeking to achieve nobility there were ways of gaining some semblance of it. The simplest method was to join a lord’s army and win, through prowess of arms, a knight errancy. These un-landed knights were common throughout Calradia, and were often only knights by name. The villages and towns belonged mainly to counts and barons, while lesser knights were only an elite cavalry formation of greater nobles. Still, with a knight’s spurs came a degree of respect and power, and the only way to be elevated to the peerage would be to petition the king directly or to, once again, win it through achievement of arms.

It was not unheard of that middle class citizenry married the third or fourth daughter of a noble, thus gaining a title. This was very rare, and usually a suitor needed substantial financial backing to gain the father’s favour.

Tournaments and Feasts

Throughout Calradia, usually during peace, Tournaments and Feasts would be organised by nobles, to celebrate a recent victory or merely to win

over the favour of other nobles. Feasts would have not only the richest food but also entertainment. A feast sanctioned by the king would normally mean that everybody was bound to attend, although there was no insult if a guest would not or refused to arrive. Tournaments that were sometimes associated with feasts would test the prowess of not only the nobility but anybody who was interested in taking part.

Depending on the kingdom and town the rules of the tournament would differ. In Praven the use of lances was enforced. Meanwhile in the kingdom of Nords all the tournaments consisted of close combat melees, occasionally permitting archery. A warrior who won a tournament would often be allowed into a feast, even if he was not of noble birth. This would allow many aspiring mercenary captains and skilled warriors to later find employment and favour with the nobility.

Clothing, Armour and Weapons

While each of the kingdoms of Calradia had their own culture and faiths we can note certain similarities among them. For example, burghers often favoured richer clothing, especially merchants. Important clothing would often result in a mix of different styles, and aside from a different architecture one might have had a hard time with telling apart a Swadian from a Rhodok town. The main exception here would be the Sarranid, who greatly favoured long robes and turbans. This was due to their much harsher climate that called for the use of looser clothing that would permit work both during the day and night. Among Sarranids the use of sandals was also more practical than boots, which were far more popular in the rest of Calradia.

Jewellery was rare among all the kingdoms. What is interesting to note is that while gold coins were in use, especially during greater monetary exchanges, the mining of gold or manufacturing of jewellery was nearly non-existent. Even silver, a far more common metal, was not traded among cities. While iron was in abundance it was mainly used for tools, weapons, and armour rather than any form of decoration.


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