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As you adventure through Calradia you will meet many different people. Chief among them are the companions. Companions move between taverns and their stories differ as to why they are looking for work. Each companion has a different set of abilities and different likes and dislikes. Due to their varying origins, professions, and personalities you will not be able to have every single companion available in your army without them disliking one another.

When you are still a mercenary or young lord your companions will aid you in your travels and they can cover for your lacking in skills. Artimenner, for example, can act as your company’s engineer and builder, increasing the building speed in towns, villages, and castles as well as preparing siege engines. Jeremias, in turn, is a very useful medic for your company, but if you wanted both Artimenner and Jeremias in your party they would dislike each other greatly.

Some companions actually will like each other, and through interacting with your companions, once in a while, you could learn how they feel about your company/army.

The problem with some companions is that they might dislike you for performing certain actions. Jeremias, for example, does not support village raids or attacking farmers. While performing one negative action will not cause a crisis you should be careful regardless.

Eventually when you become king you can put your companions in positions of power and choose one to act as your emissary, who will promote your rule throughout the realm. Here again you have to be careful. Companions who are not of noble birth or origin will not be welcomed by other lords when they are given a title. In turn your choice of emissary could also make one of your companions angry.
Warlord or Scholar?

When pondering on your beginnings in Mount and Blade I am certain one of your questions would be, “Should I invest in fighting skills and abilities, or economic/support skills?” The simple answer would be, “Depends what you want to achieve.” Being a warrior means you can take the fight to the enemy far sooner. You might become the weight that always shifts the balance of battle in your favour. Since there are so many different companions around, they could plug your deficiencies in skills while you focus on the fighting. However, certain skills are connected directly to you, such as Leadership, Prisoner Management, and Inventory Management. While some companions might have skill points in these skills they will not benefit you in any way. When looking at your character sheet you can see which skills are Party, Personal, and Leader skills.

Personal skills benefit you directly. These are normally combat skills, so if you want to improve your combat abilities you have to look at these. Party skills are influenced by you and your companions. These are skills that your companions can contribute toward, if you lack them. Leader skills benefit the party, but it is only up to you how much good they are (as explained above).

If you plan on waging war you have to focus on your leader skills, but whether you want to be a scholar or warrior depends on whether you want to focus more on personal or party skills. You might as well combine the two. You do not have to be proficient in every single weapon, only a chosen few. You also do not need to know every single support ability. You could me a master swordsman with a high training skill, to rapidly reinforce your army if you suffer losses, supported by Jeremias, who will reduce the chance of death in your company.

Final Word

Just like I said at the introduction to this Guide, there is a lot to do in Mount and Blade. You have many possibilities and options layed out in front of you. What you choose to do with them is your own choice. While I hope you found this guide useful I also hope that you will learn much more through your own adventures in Calradia.

Best of luck!

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