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Prisoners are gained during battles, when enemy troops are knocked unconscious. This can normally be achieved through the use of blunt weapons, and certain unit types, such as Swadian knights or mountain bandits, have numerous blunt weapons, allowing you to capture many prisoners.

How many prisoners you can capture after a battle depends on your Prisoner Management skill. Each point allows you to manage five slaves. When faced with a choice of different slaves you should try to keep those with the highest level possible, such as knights, mamlukes, lancers, etc. This is because higher level prisoners will fetch far better prices with ransom brokers who appear randomly in taverns. If you are in desperate need of somebody to sell slaves to you can find Ramun in Tihr at all times. However, Ramun always offers fifty denars for each prisoner, regardless of the prisoner’s level. This does mean that you could sell recruits for a bigger profit, but higher level prisoners should be sold to ransom brokers.

Lords who are defeated in battle could also become your prisoners. While they occupy one spot in your prisoner train you can take excess lords when you are full (so, when you can have a maximum of 20 prisoners you could take a lord when you are full, thus having 21 prisoners, or even more). The problem is that waiting for a ransom could take a long while. If a war is concluded you will lose the lords you captured.

Another problem is that you might run out of space for more prisoners. In order to stop that from happening you can store an infinite number of prisoners in your castle or town. This creates a serious hazard however, since an invading army that manages to capture your castle, filled with prisoners, would suddenly get a huge manpower boost. In turn, besieging a city or town filled with prisoners could quickly bolster your ranks, especially if you lost numerous warriors during the siege.

Right to Rule

Right to Rule signifies how much “blue blood” is in you. If you have little right to rule no other kingdom will recognise you, and there is a decent chance you will be conquered by your enemies. By having a high right to rule you can not only live in peace (as a king) but lords might flock to you from other kingdoms.

You gain right to rule in a number of ways. Firstly, peace. Even when you are part of another kingdom, surviving a war will grant you a bit of right to rule. Marriage will also give you a small right to rule boost. Once you are a king you can reinforce your claim by sending emissaries, who will convince the other kings and the common folk that you are not just a usurper.

If you plan on becoming king then you must make sure that your right to rule is as high as possible (its current maximum is 99)

War and Peace

War is very common in Mount and Blade. Sometimes a single nation, like the Swadians, can wage a war on multiple fronts. Sometimes a seemingly peaceful nation can suddenly be invaded by all of its neighbours. Lasting peace is a rare commodity in Calradia. This is especially a problem when you are a king of your own kingdom, or when you are a fresh lord without a strong force to protect your lands. Kings do not agree to peace quickly. Sometimes you might find that a nation being utterly crushed by its opponents will not ask for peace until it is too late.

The hardest job you will have, as a fresh king, will be to protect yourself from a very angry kingdom whose town or castle you have conquered. It will be a very bumpy road that could cost you dearly.

Peace, in some cases, could be your curse instead of blessing. Large, powerful armies cost a lot of money. While in times of war you could raid and plunder villages, during peacetime you are restricted to income from your villages, castles, and town. While this should be enough, it is far more likely that eventually the costs will be higher than the profits, especially if you did not invest in any workshops to produce valuable goods.

However, if you have a castle you could store you wartime army, thus cutting your expenses by half, and reducing food consumption to almost zero. Keeping a few of your best troops as protection is not a bad idea, but considering how war can break out suddenly you should follow the wise words of Vegetius, who said, “If you want peace, prepare for war”. This means that as soon as your company is fully trained put them away in a castle or town, grab an army of fresh recruits, and train them up. When war does come you will have a much bigger force and your castle’s defenses will be that much tougher.


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