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Tournaments and Feasts

Tournaments tend to happen alongside feasts. A tournament gathers all the lords and some of the best fighters of the realm to compete for fame and glory. There is money too, of course.

Winning a tournament will improve your status with the town it’s being hosted in. You may choose to bet money on yourself before each round of the tournament to vastly increase your earnings. Furthermore if there is a feast you will be able to join it, as the victor for the tournament. This could offer you a chance to speak with the realm’s lords or to find a free lady to flirt with.


Combat in Mount and Blade is not the simplest but one can clearly learn it, through constant practice. Depending on your mouse movement you can block and attack in different directions. You may also opt to turn on an automatic defense setting, where after clicking the right mouse button your character will block in the direction of the incoming attack. Shields, when used, will stop any attack. However, shields do not protect you whole, not always at least. Small shields will only protect your chest but your head and legs could still be threatened. In Mount and Blade: Warband your shield also offers passive protection, which means that even when you simply hold it and not use it arrows could be deflected by it. Some may choose to have one shield in their hand and one on their back. This will greatly reduce the threat of archers firing from behind you.

Your armour is divided into three categories: chest, legs, and head. Most suits of armour will offer protection to your chest and legs but only a helm can cover your head. All three are important, especially when you are on horseback. Just like Achilles you could get shot in your foot and killed.

Momentum is very important during combat. Even if you only walk forward and swing your sword you will do far more damage than if you stood in place. Striking from horseback greatly increases the strength of your attacks, especially during a gallop. Certain weapons are easier to use up close. Pole-arms need space in order to perform a full and effective swing; swords on the other hand are far more practical in tight spaces.

Types of armour are not important, armour values is the only thing you should pay attention to. However, heavier armour, weapons, and shield will slow you down greatly. The Athletics skill will allow you to move faster, even in heavy armour

Horses may only be bought with barding or without it (you do not buy horse barding separately). Barded horses tend to move slower but the added protection will allow you to survive a charge, even into Rhodok ranks, almost unscathed. A lighter and quicker horse may be a better choice if you prefer to ride around your enemies and fire at them with your bow.

Then there is the question of quality. Different types of armour, weapons, and horses have different quality levels. Lordly is the highest level for armour and while it will offer the most superior protection it will cost ten times what the item normally costs. In practice, buying lordly items should only be done when you are absolutely swimming in money, since losing the next battle could result in you losing said priceless item. Normal items, without any higher quality levels, are still useful. You also have to take into account that a lordly suit of chainmail (for example) will not be as good as an ordinary full plate, while costing much more. If you are not in a hurry to buy armour visit different towns to see what the best armour they offer is or simply wait from week to week for new offers to appear.


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