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Marshals and War

War in Calradia is no laughing matter. Your villages could be razed, your castles besieged, and armies crushed. As a young noble or mercenary you will have little say in how a campaign is led; you will merely be a pawn of another marshal. When a war begins a marshal will be chosen from among the lords. He will then send invitations to the lords of the realm to join in his newest campaign. For you this is an opportunity not only to gain experience through completing quests but also to gain prisoners from successful battles and perhaps even a village or castle.

Campaign Quests are always the same. First you will be asked to scout three locations on the map. These locations usually signal where the campaign will occur but that is not always the case. The problem is not about scouting these locations; you merely have to stay in close proximity to them for a short while (when close to a village/castle you can press the space bar to make time flow while not doing anything). After enough time has passed you should get a small message saying that the location was scouted. Once you have that out of your hair the real problem arises: where the marshal rode off to. If you have invested at least one point in the Tracking skill you will be able to find the army a bit easier (one point lets you see the tracks of every individual lord and the direction he went in, but only during the day and you do not know how fresh the tracks are). Other than that you will have to rely on in-game reports, such as when the marshal besieges a castle or town. You can also approach a friendly lord from your kingdom and ask him about the location of your marshal or any other lord.

The second, typical, quest is victualing your army. This involves either purchasing oxen from a village or stealing them. Either option works, and you will even get a bit of money for completing the quest. However, only purchase from/raid villages that are close to the marshal. Otherwise you might be ambushed by an enemy army as you are leading the oxen.

The optional quests are normally calls of aid. When your army is besieging a castle or town you might be asked to help. If you take part in the battle you will get a decent amount of experience points, so you may choose to wait a short while before joining an attack just to see if the marshal asks for your help.

You may choose to ignore a marshal’s invitation in joining the military campaign but this will make him like you a bit less. If you join the campaign and complete the above quests each one will improve your relations with the marshal. After successful battles or sieges in which you took part in you may speak with the lords who also took part. This may improve their relations toward you.

Eventually, when your experience and power grows, the king may opt to make you the marshal. You will be able to gather the realm’s lords and leed them in your own battles and sieges. How successful you are does not influence your relations with the king so there is no wrong in fleeing from a vastly superior enemy army, if it cannot be defeated (although the other lords may be less than impressed).

Marriage and Romance

Yes, you may choose to find a princess to become your wife. It’s not easy however. First a lady must be interested in you. As you continue to court you will have to offer her poems you learn from bards. Bards appear in taverns and every week the people you find will differ. Each bard will usually teach you a single poem.

After some time some type of crisis will appear. You might be forced to duel with the lady’s other suitor or to persuade her father to give you her hand in marriage. It’s a big hassle, and if there is no war in progress this will most likely steal most of your time.

Why marry? Your wife allows you to host feasts of your own, improve relations with hostile lords of the realm and she increases your right to rule, the moment you marry. It might not be much but if you want to play politics she may greatly help you in that task.


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