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Village and Town Prosperity

When you become a lord (or king) all the villages under your direct control will make money for you, paid into your account weekly (in Warband) or you will have to collect it yourself (in the first Mount and Blade).

How much money you get depends on the wealth of the town or village. Castles will also bring in a bit of money, although in Warband they will offer much more of it than in the first Mount and Blade. The wealth of a location depends on its prosperity. Prosperity, in turn, is influenced by trade and structures. In other words, all locations tend to have steadily increasing prosperity, thus wealth. A village will eventually become very rich, but a single raid could make it poor again, thus cutting your income significantly.

How to ensure prosperity? There are, as mentioned before, different structures that can increase prosperity (like the windmill for villages, different mods add more buildings that can increase prosperity). The other key factor is ensuring that caravans/farmers travel to and from your locations in peace. Bandits and enemy armies pose a major threat to your prosperity, especially your villages that lack a garrison. While you might be informed that your land is being looted or besieged you might simply be too far away to react.

In times of peace the only real threat to your prosperity is banditry. Villages are especially threatened by it, since bandits occupying a village will also influence its prosperity and wealth. If you built all the possible structures, and your farmers and caravans travel freely, what else can you do? Quests. Any quest you complete for a village or town will not only increase your standing with them but will also slightly improve their prosperity. While this might be a very troublesome chore, hold in mind that a better standing with a town or village increases your income. In the case of villages you may also receive higher quality troops, to quickly bolster your ranks.

Bandits, Deserters and Neutral Groups

Bandits spawn randomly in the world from different bandit camps. Depending on the bandit type their camps may spawn in different areas. For example, forest bandits have their hideouts in forests, mountain bandits in and around mountains, etc. The best way to track down a bandit hideout is to look for large numbers of bandit groups. Somewhere between them should be the camp.

Destroying the bandit camp will stop the spawning of bandits for a short while. Usually new bandit camps spawn in the same area as the old ones so you might choose to check up on them, once in a while, to see if there are any fresh pickings for you.

Bandit camps, if left to reign the countryside for too long, will begin to gather riches. Usually though the bandit camps will have little in terms of monetary value. They will not hold prisoners, and sometimes taking out the bandit camp can be difficult. This is the case with sea raider landings. You will only have a handful of soldiers, and if they are not strong enough to fight the sea raiders you could find yourself surrounded and quickly defeated. If you are defeated during such a raiding attempt the camp will disappear regardless, but you will not gain anything from it.

Deserters spawn randomly. They do not appear to be connected to how well or badly the war is going for a kingdom. Depending on the kingdom you travel through you will meet said kingdom’s deserters. For example, in Swadia you could meet Swadian men at arms, while in Nord-Land you could find huscarls roaming around. While deserters can be far more dangerous than bandits they can let you go if you pay for passage. The money they ask for can sometimes be insignificant, depending on how rich you are, so you might be better off bribing deserters than fighting them. Bandits are not as friendly, and you will usually end up fighting them without an option of negotiating safe passage (this is especially the case with sea raiders, so beware of them).

Aside from bandits and deserters there are also neutral or friendly groups you can encounter. Man hunters attack bandit groups. They are not associated with any kingdom, so they provide protection for any and all. You could attack them but there is no real benefit in doing that. Merchant caravans are connected to specific kingdoms. That means you could attack caravans from rival kingdoms but this is not always a good idea. Caravans rarely carry anything worthwhile. It is better to demand payment for safe passage from a caravan than attack it. You can do this even with neutral or friendly caravans, though it is better to do so only with rival caravans.

Lastly, there are also farmer groups. Once every few days the farmers from all the villages will head to the closest friendly town. If they survive the journey and get back to their villages this will add to the prosperity of said village. In other words, if your local land is plagued by bandits it would be a good idea to get rid of them so that your farmers can earn more money for you!


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