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Guide Introduction

While working the above guide I could not neglect to provide some accurate information about the game, especially if you bought this guide for more than just fluff. So, I gathered tidbits of information from my experiences and internet scowering and gathered them all here. While I will not tell you exactly how to “win” in Mount and Blade you should learn enough here to know what your options are. While Mount and Blade may sound complicated you do not have to do everything to achieve greatness. The pure basics of raising an army and having the funds to maintain it are enough to become a king or a loyal lord.

Being defeated is not something anybody enjoys in any video game, but in the case of Mount and Blade losing your army is not the end of the world. As you gain skills you can quickly train recruits into knights; your land will feed you money, even if you just sit in a town or castle for weeks on end. As a way of relaxing your nerves you could go bandit hunting, or join your fellow lords on ganking raids. You do not have to always be the knight in shining armour, the rescuer of your kingdom. Sometimes a bit of greed pays off in the long-term, combined with self-preservation, over needless sacrifice (ie. Taking part in battles you cannot win).

I hope every one of you finds something useful in these tips. Hold in mind that there are many excellent guides out there that could provide you with more detailed information, on unit types, costs, etc. I cannot provide them as the statistics of different units or actions can change from one patch to the next. Still, these general tips should provide a general direction for your plans.

Enough from me, enjoy!

Calradia and You

In Mount and Blade you are not restricted to only a warlike state. You can choose to trade between towns and cities, and set up a workshop in a town and reap the rewards of a mainly mercantile life. Each kingdom and town produces different goods. This also means that a town will usually have a single type of workshop that is most beneficial. For example, it is a good idea to build a Tools Workshop in Vaegir, because of their iron production.

Mercenaries (like you) also have a lot of work. You, as the character, could make a pretty penny by taking quests from lords, towns, and villages but also gain a lot of experience to rapidly level up. The problem in this case is that these quests will eventually not pay you enough when you have an experienced or large army. It’s a good start, but do not rely on them. You may also like to hunt for bandits. While forest or mountain bandits do not have much loot, sea raiders will. Their equipment will not only sell well but you can also use it yourself and save a lot of money.

Eventually you might choose to become a noble. Through having enough fame as a mercenary and money as a merchant having a sizeable army and land will cause you no problems. War in Calradia is always expensive (but it may also be very profitable!). How do you become a noble? When you have enough fame a king might ask you to become a peer of the realm. The alternative is to ask the king for an investiture after you have proven yourself a worthy commander (so, fame).


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