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Kingdom of Nords


The Kingdom of Nords is a largely sea-based nation. Each of their towns is connected to the sea, allowing for quick transportation between the towns over water. Most still favoured land travel, and while the Kingdom of Nords was rich in numerous landmarks it lacked any natural defences. The only exception would be the river between Sargoth and Tihr known as the Devil’s Whip, but because it was a major trade lane there were numerous bridges built along it, thus allowing armies to travel freely over it.

Numerous fisheries are still present in the once proud Kingdom of Nords, and some of the finest ships are still being produced in their harbours.


When the old Nord king died his son, Lethwin Far-Seeker, was studying abroad. Upon hearing about his father’s death he sailed back to Calradia, but his ship sunk during a storm. Believing he was dead King Ragnar claimed the throne for himself, by gaining enough support with the other thanes. When Lethwin eventually reached the court, Ragnar refused to surrender the throne, stating that he was now the king.

Fortunately for Lethwin, while Ragnar was a skilled warrior and commander he quickly lost the support of his lords due to greed. Just like King Harlaus, Ragnar was obsessed with land, and many times he would refuse to surrender any of his fiefs to his allies, resulting in ever greater support for Lethwin. At the end of his reign he was, in essence, forced into a corner by Lethwin and his allies and had to surrender the crown.


The Nords were a warrior culture. Their dedication to war and the sea were unrivalled in Calradia. During the Great Wars they used mainly axes to cut down their foes, while their heavy chainmail suits, together with round shields, protected them from enemy arrows and bolts.

Their dedication to close combat may also be seen in their lack of a disciplined archery force. Aside from mercenaries the Nords lacked trained archers that could match those of other kingdoms. Still, this rarely stopped a Nord huscarl from winning an engagement, and while the Swadian knight, Khergit lancer and Sarranide Mamluke were powerful on horseback they could not match a huscarl on foot.

It would be incorrect to say that aside from their warlike nature the Nords lacked a softer side. One of their other strengths was a disciplined and experienced navy. While they did not have an opportunity to use it during the Great Wars it managed to stop raiders from landing on their coast, at least most of the time. Due to the numerous conflicts present during the Great Wars the navy would often be stripped of men in order to take part in grander land battles, thus leaving the coast unprotected.

While many claim that the Nord culture was dominated by men it was not always the case. Female warriors while rare did appear, but usually with the task of protecting the local lands and homes while men were away fighting. In many cultures women were not mentioned, despite their exploits. Although it is true that in most cultures, such as among Swadians and Rhodoks, women were not expected to fight. Meanwhile among Nords a strong woman was preferred over the princess the Swadians would prefer.


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