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About two months ago I wanted to create a massive guide for a video game. The inspiration came when I worked a bit on my other Fiction-Guides as well as reading on Paradox Interactive’s Amazon books. I thought, “I could do that!” but I needed a topic I knew well, and I also wanted to write on a popular topic. What did I choose? Mount and Blade.

See, I did not want to make any guide. I wanted to make it feel like an actual book, so I searched for a nice book cover, old-looking pages and then I added a fancy stylized “Calradia” on the front (taking into account the big splorch mark on the right). As I started writing it John (our wonderful writer) pointed out that people still need some actual information, if I planned on commercializing the guide. I agreed with him, so I started to modify the guide. At first I wanted to put in-game useful information among the “fluff” I wrote, but this created an unbearable clutter.  I then decided to divide the guide into two parts. The first half is the “Fluff”, the second part is a long list of different tips and hints.

The aim, in the end, was to make something that would be worth a dollar or two, so I put in a lot of effort to make the first half of the guide sound authentic. Sadly, I could not get any publisher to answer my calls so after over a month of waiting I decided to post it up here for people to enjoy, for free, as much as they wanted to.

While this might look like I gave up, I did not. This was a learning experience, and I got plenty of practice writing such a long Fiction-Guide (compared to the other ones I have posted here). So, I feel it is still a win for me, and a win for all our readers. I will await the next opportunity to write such a massive Fiction-Guide but when it arises I will make it a point to make it clear to all!

Anyway, enjoy, share and do whatever you like with it. If you are looking for a bigger version visit my Scribd catalog.

On that note. Huge kudos to John Richard Albers (our other resident writer) for helping me with this. Half the credit deserves to go to him, as he sat patiently, looking over all my gaping grammar holes.

Mount and Blade: Calradia Guide


The conflicts that have shaped our world today reach as far back as the early middle ages, when the six divided kingdoms of Calradia fought each other for wealth and land. Great was the despair of the common folk, but even greater was the injustice of the rulers who led their people to death countless times.

Not many scriptures remain from that period, as countless sieges have left the people of Calradia with much of their culture ruined, substituted by the lust for war. The small bits of evidence that remain are from travellers who could note down the key events of the land, without the nobility threatening their lives. At the time few knew how to read and write. The clergy and the nobles were the only ones who could afford such a luxury, yet the former were occupied with the sick and wounded from war, while the latter desired to wage said wars.

This tome is dedicated to the people of Calradia, as they once were, rather than the wars that engulfed them. I was also instructed by Her Majesty to provide a brief historical background of the wars that plagued the land, and their possible causes.

I was truly honoured by this privilege, to read through some of Calradia’s oldest texts, and to now formulate them in one of my greatest works.

I hope that through reading this you, dear reader, will strive to join the Academy of Science, as I once did, and pursue these topics further.

Her humble servant,

Ser Gregory of Praven


Calradia in the Middle Ages

The Kingdoms of Calradia

The Great Wars

Of Liars and Pretenders

Kingdom of Swadia

Kingdom of Rhodoks

Sarranid Sultanate

Khergit Khanate

Kingdom of Nords

Kingdom of Vaegirs

Calradia in the Middle Ages


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