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Hack and Slash not your thing? There is an economic element in Warband.Your key skill is Barter. With it you will buy items a bit cheaper and sell any loot or goods a bit higher. Since you might rely on moving about quickly invest in Travel related skills. If you do not have a big force Spotting helps as well, since you can stop your caravan when you spot a group of bandits. All in all, your first moves as a merchant will be to buy and sell goods.

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This is what you will usually obtain, when Assessing local prices. Object, Location and potential profit!

Buying and Selling is not difficult, if you have the basic three or four points in Barter. Firstly go to the Market and Assess local prices. Take note of items that offer at least around 60-70 coin profit. It might not seem like much, but when for example you find that Ale sells for a profit of 70 gold per barrel you can buy a very big shipment due to the low price per barrel. As such, you overall profit will be much higher since you will have more of a profitable good. The basic “cheap” goods include Ale, Wine, Iron (to an extent), Leather (later on) and Salt (in some locations can be bought dirt cheap). Foods although can often reach a decent profit from time to time have the downside of being eaten by your troops over time. As such, your highly profitable honey could be drank on the way and you do not get that much gold back from the trip.

When unable to decide what to buy at a location do the following. Assess the prices in your current location. Take a pen and paper and write down the most profitable offers. If you forget to write the assessment down first you cannot go back to it, and will have to start a new one. Then go to the world map and look which of the profitable destinations is closest. That way the overall cost of your troops is much lower, and you make money faster, and in the next town you could find more interesting offers.

Once you have plenty of coin (let us say, around four to five thousand) you can think about setting up workshops in towns. Each town can have only one workshop so it is important to decide what is best, at the time. There are different types of workshops, but in each location different ones will be more profitable than others. I had cases when a Bakery (which costs 2,500 coins) provided me with 150 coins of profit per week. Meanwhile a Textile Mill, if I remember the name correctly (which costs somewhere around 8,000 coins) made barely 250 coins of profit per week. At this low level you should always look at the Cost/Profit ratio at the time. As in the example the Bakery is more profitable. It is cheaper and will pay itself off quicker than the Mill. However, the Mill made more money, so the question is your money reserve, and whether you will deliver the goods yourself for production or take the ready products and sell them yourself (you have such options). If you delivered the basic production materials yourself, and then sold the ready product through your Caravan you could make much more money, but as you build more workshops you could find yourself running out of steam.

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While travelling to Shariz with my Wine Shipment I stumble upon a concentration of bandits. At this later stage of the game I am lucky, since my force is big enough to scare them off. But if I was just starting this might had been a “Game Over”.

What does this path grant you? A stable and substantial income. When later on you join a faction the workshops will not be destroyed if located in an enemy town, they will keep making money! So, while you wage war against the enemy you will get enough money to hold a sizeable army, on top of that getting funds from any villages you own, or perhaps just mercenary pay. This path takes patience however, since you cannot rush ahead blindly. Bandits will be your bane at first, so always have a sizeable force defending you. Sometimes even agree to pay for passage if you think you might lose. But, in your free time, you might as well hunt bandits for extra profit, since you will be able to sell their gear for a higher price.

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Pros:Huge Sandbox
Plenty of Choice
Be your own King!
Cons:Might seem Grindy
Takes time to get used to
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    well i play mount and blade for allmost one and a half year now and i prfeer bow just because its way faster. and when you got your skill lvl in bows around the 150 you will have great accuracy aswell and if you just can block the first strike of a swing of an enemy with a two handed you can later even kill a count or something like that onehit kill

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