Mount and Blade: Warband Guides: The Beginnings

Bandits, however, do not appear out of thin air… not most of the time at least.When you notice a huge focus of bands in an area there is likely a hideout. Hideouts are normally very easy to defeat, with only a handful of defenders (although you will only have a few people yourself). You will not get any prisoners but obtain plenty of equipment associated with the type of bandit camp you defeat, and a number of other resources (nothing valuable, most of the time). When a hideout appears in an area there will be a few bands of bandits moving about. These hideouts can only ever be found if you travel near them, and there is more or less a rule where they can be. Mountain Bandit hideouts will be found in hills or mountains. Forest Bandits will hide in woodland. Sea Raiders near the sea (usually in Nord Territory). As to the mounted bandits, you just have to get lucky.

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It might not be “Fat Loot”, but when you sell all this trash you should get a few denars. At the least, it will cover your band’s expenses for the week. Worst case… well, worst case is when you want to haul more loot but have an already full inventory!

As a Headhunter, you will also meet Deserters. These are troops from a specific nation which will on average demand a portion of your riches to allow you to pass. The exact strength of the force is random, but if you know most of the unit types about, Deserter groups are made of one unit type. So you could meet thirty Rhodok Veteran Crossbowmen, or ten Swadian Militiamen. The loot is also dependent on unit type and the prisoner sales on the level of the units. So obviously, if you faced off against Swadian Knights you would get incredible loot and prisoner cash-in, but on the other hand, capturing them alive would be a huge bother.

Being a Headhunter has two obvious benefits. Experience and gold. When you find better gear for you or your companions you will use it, the rest sell. As your army progresses you will be able to take on tougher bandits, eventually farming away at Sea Raiders. The main downside is that bandits are often much faster than you, and their spawn rate is dependent on a local hideout. So, one day you could have plenty of work on your hands, and the next, having nothing at all, with an expensive force to feed. But, if all goes well you will be able to easily progress to becoming a Mercenary captain for a lord, having a solid force, and enough cash to perform any emergency purchases when necessary. Of course, during your “Man Hunting” you will not be bothered by enemy Nobles. After all, you focus on the common pests.


Interested in the “Big Things” from the start? Working for lords, Towns and villages is highly profitable, gives you many friends, and as such in the future lets you cope better. You really do not need anything specific to be a mercenary, except a basic military force. In most quests Trade and Persuasion skills have a big role, so invest in those when you have spare points. There are many varied quests from Towns and Villages, with decent payouts and plenty of experience for your character. They are not always focused on combat. Sometimes you just have to act as a Caravan, or a Guard. There is a problem with a lot of these quests however. Later on when you have a big force or a highly experienced small force most quests will have an insufficient payout to upkeep your army.

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The first step toward becoming a Lord. After enough service, and bringing about numerous victories for your faction the King might offer you a title and fief. Do not think it will be so easy though!

Taking prisoners, and especially enemy Lords is an excellent way to boost your income, assuming somebody will want to pay the ransom. Holding enemy Lords also makes life for your side much easier, since the enemy will have one less army to haunt you with. But, all of this comes with a serious downside.

Unlike bandits, enemy Lords will always have mildly impressive armies compared to what you can have at the start. As such, although you could have your own village and maybe fifty “medium level” soldiers a Lord with a hundred troops could prance about and smash you aside, burning your village, or conquering the nearby town/castle making you lose your property for good. Oddly enough, if you made a living off raiding enemy villages your greatest problem will be peace, since you will have to rely on petty quests from towns and villages to prosper on. These, as mentioned earlier will be insufficient later on, so prepare to make moves in some long-term income possibilities, such as expanding your village/town/castle or building workshops in towns.


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    well i play mount and blade for allmost one and a half year now and i prfeer bow just because its way faster. and when you got your skill lvl in bows around the 150 you will have great accuracy aswell and if you just can block the first strike of a swing of an enemy with a two handed you can later even kill a count or something like that onehit kill

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