Mount and Blade: Warband Quick Guide to the Nations

Kingdom of Vaegirs

The Vaegirs are an interesting force to use. They have Infantry, Ranged and Cavalry units, on the other hand their elite units often lack shields, making them a force highly vulnerable to ranged attack. Vaegir archers are also the best foot bowmen in the game, as such you have a force which is mildly vulnerable to a ranged attack, while also being able to retaliate with their own barrage. Unlike other armies, Vaegir top-tier units prefer two-handed weapons, making them highly dangerous units to face off against, if outnumbered. Both Vaegir Knights and the Vaegir Guards will chop away at the competition. The question is how penalizing is their lack of shields? It all depends on the situation. When faced against Rhodoks you could find yourself losing more men due to the crossbow barrage, on the other hand you have something to counter ranged units, Vaegir cavalry.

Mount and Blade: Warband

Vaegir warband.

In a siege assault situation your main weakness is a possible lack of shielding, making you lose units much more quickly. In an open field that could also be a problem if you want to play defensively Use terrain to your advantage, or use your force just like you would play as the Swadians. Make your “main force” occupy the enemy while you flank with the cavalry.

As a starting point, the Kingdom of Vaegirs is not a bad place to be at. They might have tundra bandits and initially some very weak units, but the trade benefits are very high. Vaegir ports tend to have some lower priced Raw silk, making it a good place to trade for higher cash. Finding some cheap iron will also take you a long way. Trading with the Nords for Salt will only make you richer. Vaegirs tend to have little to no problems with neighbours. Although they could be considered surrounded they can cope with a single or two opponents at the same time.

Khergit Khanate

The Khergits have one strength no other army can match, almost every single one of their units is on horseback. A fully developed Khergit force will have Lancers and archers on horseback, making it the most mobile force in the game. On the world map they will move quicker than other armies, and on the battlefield, open fields is what a Khergit commander would love most. However, this reliance on cavalry is risky, and although Khergits excel on the field of battle, during a siege they are much weaker than one would wish. The Khergits are masters of firing off horseback. Under the player’s control they can circle an enemy force indefinitely, untill the foe is so badly bloodied that a Lancer charge will finish them off. Under the AI, Khergits under perform, since they will often charge into an enemy force, making them easy prey for Rhodoks or Nords. The Khergit Lancers are weaker and less armoured than other cavalry formations, but they can still hold their ground, and during the initial charge, take out a number of foes with their lances.

Mount and Blade: Warband

Khergit Lancers awaiting the enemy.

Khergits are very poor while defending or attacking a castle. Their lancers will be outperformed by most equal or higher tier infantry. Although their archers will pepper away at a foe, it is a bad idea to assume that you can take out the enemy quicker than they can take out your infantry. As such, when protecting your castle, always include infantry from another nation. Lancers are simply unreliable. Meanwhile, if you face against them, bring a fast(er) horse, a high concentration of infantry or a very big shield.

As a starting point, the Khergits have the best towns to produce and sell dyed textiles. Although it is the most expensive business type, it is the most profitable in Khergit lands. Trade in their territory is risky on lower levels, due to Steppe Bandits. If you have a small caravan, or poorly trained men, Steppe Bandits will mob you with their horses. They are also incredibly quick, making it very hard to outrun them. As an ally Khergits are surrounded by foes all around. Swadians, Sultanate and Veagirs are all risky sparring partners. As a commander, you will have access to the fastest army around, so if you do not want to fight enemy armies, you might as well hit and run weaker lords or raid villages and flee before the enemy can retaliate.

Sarranid Sultanate

The Sarranid are a new addition to Mount & Blade. Some would say that they are a mirror image of the Swadians. The Sarranid Mamluke and Swadian Knight go head in head for the title of the best cavalry in Mount and Blade. However, unlike the Swadians, the Sarranid suffer from a sub-par high-tier infantry. The Sarranid Guard is considered the weakest high level infantry in the game. This is because they lack any apparent weakness, while also lacking any strength. They are considered generalists, but as such, they can be adapted for different tasks. Meanwhile, Sarranid Master Archers are devastating ranged units. On the level, if not above, of the Veagir Marksman, Sarranid Master Archers are well armoured, with excellent ranged abilities. However, just like all other ranged unit types, the Master Archers lack any close combat abilities.

Mount and Blade: Warband

Remnants of a Swadian force are about to learn why does the desert belong to the Sultan.

What is the weakness of the Sarranid? Their infantry for one, but just like the Swadians, it is easy to be carried away and invest your money into elite cavalry. Not only that, but the upkeep will be comparable of a full Swadian force. If you do not have a substantial income you will become a very poor lord, very quickly.

As a starting point, Sarranids suffer a bit from the same problem as the Swadians. They lack any specific low-cost and profitable good. Another problem is the size of the Sultanate. Villages and towns are often dispersed, and reaching one end of the Sultanate from the other could take even two days. This is also a problem when fighting wars. Reacting quickly to events on either side of the Sultanate is nearly impossible. Among their neighbours you have the Khergits, Swadians and Rhodoks. With a trained force a war against the Khergits does not pose any threat, however Swadian and Rhodok forces will stand on equal terms with you. Let us also not forget about Desert Bandits, who, just like Steppe Bandits, will outrun you, and if you lack an experienced force, annihilate you.

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