Mount and Blade: Warband Quick Guide to the Nations

Kingdom of Swadia

Swadians are something between the English, and the French. They rely on their cavalry, which in a full charge can break even the toughest foes. Although other nations have equally effective “Knights”, the Swadians appear to excel stat wise, and overall use better equipment. In other areas the Swadians do not appear to be that far off from other nations. Their higher tier infantry is decent in combat, and the Swadian sharpshooters make for decent ranged units. However, if you rely on Swadian cavalry too heavily you could wake up in a number of horror scenarios. For example, running out of funds, fighting on hilly terrain, fighting a highly experienced Rhodok force or being forced to “Auto Battle”. Training Swadian Knights is expensive, and their upkeep is terrifying. Their need for flat terrain makes them useless on hilly terrain, and against a forest of spears they will often get bogged down and killed. Often the best technique to win a battle as a Swadian force is to create an infantry main force to occupy the enemy. Then, while the enemy is fighting your infantry, flank with your Knights. Swadians make fine castle defenders and attackers. Although they lack the push of the Nords, or the spears of the Rhodoks, their armour and training cannot be underestimated.

Mount and Blade: Warband

Swadian Knights and Men at Arms, preparing for their charge.

On the other hand, Swadian cavalry *is* expensive. Rebuilding a lost force will cost you a fortune, and up keeping it might drain your coffers entirely. If you are poor, or have problems obtaining a decent income, you might wish to look for alternatives.

As a starting point, Swadia is in the centre of everything. This means you have equally far to all the other towns and nations, but it lacks any “special produce” which you could produce cheaply. As an ally, Swadians can shock, in the positive and negative way. Since they are surrounded from all sides, a war on multiple fronts will leave them broken and divided. On the other hand, when Swadians do come around to attacking a single nation, they can overwhelm with ease.

Kingdom of Rhodoks

The Kingdom of Rhodoks are a fun bunch. Fun, because they are affordable and incredibly disciplined. Rhodoks have two strengths: their spears and their crossbows. Although it is easy to dismiss Rhodok units as “Core Infantry” that only means you fought against the AI. Rhodok crossbowmen are a terrifying sight to behold. Combined with your Rhodok infantry forming a shield and spear wall almost no force can push through them. Cavallery will be annihilated with a well placed Rhodok concentration. Much like the Nords, you do not want to spread your infantry too far. Unlike the Nords though, the Rhodok are not that good on the attack. Their weapons are not designed for assaulting but defending. On the other hand, Rhodok shields offer excellent cover during a siege attack or defense, allowing them to survive for much longer than usual. The strength of Rhodok Crossbowmen cannot be underestimated. They have incredible ranged abilities, while also being half-decent in combat, making it possible to use them as improvised close combat infantry.

Mount and Blade: Warband

Rhodok Infantry countering a Sultanate charge.

Rhodoks do lack cavalry. You might have incredible infantry, but you will be slower on the world map, and you will need to lend some horsemen from another nation if you want to flank the enemy. Rhodok forces can “turtle” forward. Taking on wave after wave of attackers, as they move steadily forward. The problem is that the AI often does not think that way.

The Rhodoks, just like the Nords, are in a nice tight corner. Their nation is often plagued by mountain bandits, and they lack a proper cheap trade good, but their natural terrain works well with their spears, creating a living nightmare for their neighbours, who incidentally rely on cavalry heavily: Swadians, Khergits and the Sultanate.


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