Mount and Blade: Five Mods You Should Try

I recently wrote a short list of Mods for Mount and Blade: Warband, and now I desire to do the same for Mount and Blade. The difference between the two games is that Warband has Multiplayer while the first Mount and Blade will offer only a core Single-player experience. It will not be a bad one, trust me. I have found a lot of Mods for the first Mount and Blade that I enjoy returning to, because of how detailed and feature rich some of them are. I did not play every single Mod out there, so this is my personal list of favorites. You can search for more Mods on ModDB and on TaleWorlds where all the Mods are still stored and available for use. If you are looking for Mods to Mount and Blade: Warband we have a list for that as well!

Mount and Blade

Sometimes you just want to ride giant eyeball monster… things… (Solid and Shade)

Five Mods for Mount and Blade

Solid and Shade

I like playing as the bad guys. Being a Bad Guy can be either incredibly entertaining/rewarding, or a cliche. In the case of Solid and Shade it is a bit of both, but in an interesting way. Solid and Shade is a Mod for the “Vanilla” Mount and Blade map. It adds a few more locations, more NPCs, more items, but most importantly it adds “Necromancy”. If you choose to begin the game as a Necromancy Apprentice you will be given the Necronomicon. Your quest for power begins by finding a way of learning to read this magical tome… and once you are successful you can unleash hell on earth.

What sets this Mod apart is that you are not restricted to going from Village to Village and collecting Mercenaries. At a very early stage you can create cheap undead puppets that you will use to capture prisoners. These will be then sacrificed for much needed organs for your dark rituals, or you may choose to use their bodies as crafting material for zombies. Your undead progress as any ordinary unit in Mount and Blade does. You will start with a zombie, then Revenant (ranged combat), Horror (Cavalry) and eventually you get the Abomination (Berserker with two meat cleavers). If you get bored of your undead horde you may choose to enhance them in different ways. You could burn away their flesh making them quicker, or embalm them in order to increase their durability. As you travel through the world you will be able to gather resources to create dark artifacts to aid you in your quest for power. You may choose to speak with your Dark God and trade some of your artifacts for more powerful artifacts, to improve your battlefield prowess further. Then there are the NPCs, with different background stories, strengths and weaknesses. Some of them are extremely difficult to find, others are much easier to obtain. You can decide to become a vampire or werewolf, fight other Dark Lords… the game becomes tougher as you yourself expand. There is a problem however. There are no additional “Management” options, once you start forming an empire. I was stuck with a City and a few castles, with no way to keep them all in good shape, especially when all the other nations tried to defeat me. Another problem is that the Undead/Summoned Units are ridiculously powerful. An Abomination will be near impossible to kill by even the most Elite “Human” troops.

All in all though, if you want to play a bit on the darker side, Solid and Shade is your choice.

Sword of Damocles

This Mod makes me think of Brytenwalda. They are both equally complex, although Sword of Damocles is focused around you being a Ruler. You have plenty of ways to control your nation, and as you conquer cities, or gain land from one of the Calradian Kings you may choose to send your most devoted warriors to your Homeland and recover the old Relics of Power. See, the story behind the game is that your old Homeland was conquered and you are one of the few survivors to make it out alive. Now you have to recover what little dignity is still left in this new land, how you achieve that is up to you.

I will not lie, the Mod is wonderful, and since I last played I see that much more was added, so the Mod is still being modified and things are being added to it. As a Ruler you have Diplomacy, you can enact Edicts, change Laws, Tax specific layers of Society, expand your Fiefs, Castles and Cities in ways you could not before. This is a Mod about being King, and if that is not to you liking then you will have to find something different. It is well worth a shot if you want to rule, there is no other Mod like it.


For all the Warhammer fans out there we have Warsword. This Mod allows you to play as a member of any one of the races in the Warhammer universe, including the Lizardmen, Chaos, Skaven, Goblins/Orks and Dwarves. The map is vast, and while certain races have benefits in location (Skaven are all over the place) each one has their own unique style, units, strengths and weaknesses (just like in Warhammer). The Modelling is not perfect, but that is a limitation of Mount and Blade, not the Mod itself. While you have  a lot of combat going on Magic is non-existent, which is a real shame. You cannot gather Chaos Sorcerers to summon Demons to your World, or hire a Fire Wizard to help your Empire army.

The Mod did not seem to get any new activity, and I feel many more features could be added, but it is still a Mod where you can have some fun. You should pay careful attention to installing this Mod. Small changes have to be made to the Core Game in order to allow the smaller Races (Dwarves, Skaven, Skinks, Goblins) to work correctly. Otherwise neither your units nor you will be able to hit them at all.


We had Dark Fantasy, a Medieval Setting and Warhammer. What is next? The Wild West. The 1866 Mod takes Calradia and changes everything about it. You have your gun fights, you can hunt Bisons (or other animals), join one of the armies, become a Vigilante… do anything you ever wanted to do, in the Wild West. In that sense you can get to be one of a number of things, and due to the setting you will not feel like a “Ruler”, you are just a Cowboy after all. It is a very interesting experience with a lot of work having been put into new clothing, weapon mechanics, battle areas and the game mechanics in general.

I never got far in this Mod, not because I did not like it, but because I was playing Sword of Damocles at the same time, and between the two I preferred to be a Ruler, rather than a lone rider. Give it a try, you will not regret it.

Custom Settlements

This is a very intriguing Mod. Imagine a World without cities, without nations, just an empty space. This is your chance to start your own Empire from the bottom up. You start up a small settlement, train your people to act as defenders, form an army and march against the bandits or other nations. As time passes you will be able to improve your settlement, turn it from a small fief into a vast city. You can use Prisoners to act as forced labor (which can revolt, unless you have enough guards) and random heroes will settle down in your area, bringing more prisoners and offering general security from the bandits that might try to invade you. Building not so much your thing? You can raid and attack others, form your own Bandit faction and prey on the poor.

In case you are bored of waiting you can activate cheats to give yourself massive amounts of gold and resources to speed up all the production and allow you to simply enjoy the game. A lot of the settlement spots are “empty” and faulty, but you can edit them yourself, deciding how will the city change as it expands, where will the enemy spawn, etc. It’s a lot of fun, especially if you want to have an experience en par of “Civilization”, but set in Mount and Blade.

Anything else?

Surprisingly enough there are still a lot more Mods for Mount and Blade, a lot of them still active or part-active. You can find a fuller list of these Mods on ModDB as well as on the TaleWorlds Forums. Unlike in the case of Warband a lot of them will work with the newest version of Mount and Blade, so you do not have to be worried about down-grading your game just to run one of these Mods.


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    You’re forgetting one mod…. Star Wars Conquest! It completely revamps the game, and it is my favorite mod of the game!

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