Modern Combat hotfix-patch 1.003 released

Due to an error in the coding a hotfix-patch 1.003 was released for Modern Combat, a Company of Heroes Mod. Said error was that US troops healed much quicker than the buyable ability stated they would. Together with this small change there are also a number bug fixes and other changes. See below for the full changelog.

Company of Heroes: Modern Combat

"Wait... where is the entrance?"

Patch 1.003 Changelog
General changes:

      [*]The healing rate for the US first aid training upgrade has been reduced to the intended value 10 HP/min
      [*]Fixed a number of wrong UCS description texts.

Map Changes:

      [*]Updated map 2p_Yangxin. Left corner +10 fuel changed into +5 fuel. Changed a center +5 munitions point to +5 fuel.

Model/Texture/Animation changes:

[*]Fixed a bug prevented US vehicle gunners to carry helmets.
[*]Fixed a number of shading issues.
[*]Added a number of texture variations to vanilla objects, now available in worldbuilder.
[*]Fixed the HMG gunner replacement animation.
[*]Added a medic backpack to the US riflemen sargeant when first aid training is researched.

See you on the battlefield.

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