MiniFlake Takes Retro to the Extreme

One-man studio I-Game-Art started development of MiniFlake as a way of challenging his  programming skills. Three years and buckets of sweat later, he joined forces with like-minded independent developer Wolfgame. Since then, the 1-bit roguelike with 8-bit audio has grown from a hobbyist Game Maker project into a co-developed homage to bygone days. Yesterday marked the launch of an alpha funding campaign via digital distribution service Desura.

The duo hope to drum up monetary support from fans and the gaming community at large. Investors are granted early access plus free updates, all while helping an official release edge closer to becoming reality–as soon as enough polish is applied. A demo and two purchase options ($5.99; $99.99) are available.

Character creation screen.

Players assume the role of a dungeon raider, fresh from an initiation into the disreputable Crawlers Guild, who delves deep into a nearby underground vault seeking riches and renown. Wield only the sharpest of weapons and focus the mind, for all manner of vicious beasts dwell within. Where will this journey lead and how will it end?

Simplified controls consist of Z, X, Enter, and arrow keys. Character customization is limited to 11 sprites, 10 classes, 20 stat points, and a name of the player’s choosing. Dungeons generate randomly, resulting in a unique experience every time a new game is loaded. The monochrome graphics and screen effects hearken back to the portable Game Boy system, but more reminiscent of handheld electronic games. For now, only steady keyboard clicks can be heard as venturesome raiders down dangerous enemies, collect piles of gold, consume restorative potions, and equip various armor. Bleeps and bloops will most likely be added in future updates. Multiplayer is on the back burner until single-player mode is fleshed out.

Windows users are first in line to download and enjoy the current MiniFlake build. Other planned platforms include OS X, iOS, Android, and web browsers.

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