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As it was written in 28 Days Later, “The End if very f*cking nigh.” so too in this Video do we see how the “Metro” was born. A short film with that “special something”. It might not be as touching as the Dead Island Teaser, but you are bound to feel a tremble in your guts as you watch it. Perhaps this is how it looked in Fallout, but since we never had a chance to see the end of the world in Fallout, I find this introduction to the story exceptional. Any of us who played the game (Metro 2033) would know that, unlike in Fallout, there was no hope of survival on the surface. Finally, the eerie music at the end does not only reveal what Metro feels like underground, but also on the surface, as you stumble through the ancient remains and ghosts of the “Old World”.”Armageddon!”

My only small disappointment is how peaceful the people were, while being stopped by a handful of soldiers. All things considered, if you have a few minutes to spare, worth a watch, then another one, and another one…

Metro: Last Light is the sequel to Metro 2033. Although little was revealed about the story itself, we can expect the same intense, dark and “gritty” gameplay Metro 2033 had. The screenshots and artwork suggest that a new conflict is breeding in the underground. Whether it will be mutants again, or perhaps the factions waging an all out war for scarce resources, we cannot tell. On the other hand, we should expect one thing for certain. It will be a great experience.

Metro: Last Light

War does not change, even after the end.

On the other hand, I hope that, unlike the Homefront Kim Jong Il “prediction”, the Metro: Last Light “prediction” will be completely incorrect.

In case you lived in a Metro tube up till now, check out the official Metro: Last Light site, for the latest info about this title.

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