Merry christmas! And a happy new website.

First, I’d like to wish you all merry christmas (and hopefully I’ll get another chance to wish you a happy new year after christmas).

And now a little bit of explanation for my absence here (at least on the writing side, I’m still doing the admin duties). As WriterX wrote, I’ve had my exams – and since I’m doing my final year of Masters degree in engineering, it was a big deal for me. Nothing else could have stopped me from writing for you guys ;-).

As to what is coming from me soon. I have almost finished the next part of my economics guide, and I’ll post it before Christmas. Additionally, you can expect a special, christmas themed (a bit) part of the series.

Another news is that due to the number of readers we have gathered since we have started this website, we will be going a bit more “pro”. This means, I’ll start working on a new website. I hope to finish my work by the end of January. Consider it a late christmas gift for all of you.

Merry christmas,


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