Men of War Guide Part 1 – Units


Heavy Machineguns – Unlike the Infantry variant, the HMG needs two people to carry it around and deploy it. Once deployed it can pepper through infantry with absolute ease, as well as damage certain vehicles. They come equipped with sandbags and camo, which can be deployed at any time.

Mortars – Each nation has some type of mortar. They are highly effective against infantry, but rarely against vehicles, unless a direct hit is scored.

Anti-Tank Guns – They come under different names, sizes and effectiveness. Examples are the Zis-3 and Pak 40. Usually, an Anti-Tank gun can take out a tank, if the tank exposes its flank. In the case of Super Heavy tanks however, they rarely penetrate.

Artillery – Heavy guns, usually using High Explosive (HE) shells. Perfect for destroying or damaging defences. They are capable of destroying vehicles on both direct and in-direct hits, however that is not their main task.

Light and Transport Vehicles

These include Motorcycles, cars, trucks and half-tracks. A nation will have a selection of these, and depending on the game type and map size they might be useful, or a waste of points. They are useful when transporting troops or equipment to the frontline. Anti-Tank and artillery guns can be attached to a truck. Certain vehicles will have some form of weapon to protect themselves from enemy infantry. Among these are the Supply Trucks, which can carry ammo, or fortification equipment, including sandbags, tank traps and more mines.

Men of War

A selection of tanks, armored car and infantry, preparing for an attack.

Specialist Vehicles

A general category, including Sapper Vehicles, AA guns and similar vehicles. Each nation will have a slight variation in what special vehicles they will have. In general, they are purely situational vehicles, with varying levels of protection and firepower. You will have to discover these on your own, to become fully aware of their abilities.


All nations have tanks, sorted between Light, Medium, Heavy and Super-Heavy tanks. Depending on the game mode a player might have access to his or her tanks after some time, or from the start. Although usually the heavier the tank the better, certain nations have tanks with specific strengths and weaknesses. On average, Axis Tanks have good firepower and decent armor, being slow and easy to flank. Soviet tanks have good firepower, good armor, while being quicker and suffering from lower accuracy. US tanks are poorly armored overall, but can argue in terms of firepower, speed and (I believe) price. Commonwealth tanks have decent armor, average firepower and usually low speeds, but their selection of tanks is mildly diverse.

Tank Destroyers

Although each nation will have a selection of Tank Destroyers, they follow the exact same principles as Tanks. The more expensive the TD, the better its armor and gun. There is a certain variation between nations. A Jagdtiger has both incredible armor and powerful gun, while the ISU-152 has a very good gun, but not that impressive armor.

Men of War

Necessary repairs being performed on an ISU-152. Drawing your tank back for repairs is better than sacrificing it.

Self-Propelled Guns

Each nation will have at least one of these. It might be a mobile mortar, or a fully mobile artillery gun. With a few small exceptions, they will lack armor and anti-infantry protection. In some cases, SPGs can fire Armor-Piercing shells, which work wonders against tanks, but they have to hit first.


Each nation will have its own specific units, but certain unit types will be shared. There might be a few exceptions to the specific equipment a nation will use. For example, instead of Anti-Tank grenades, Soviet infantry could use molotovs. Certain vehicles and guns are more exposed than others, making them easier targets in some cases. While we move on to next parts of this Guide we will learn what to watch out for while playing MoW, and how to cope under very demanding circumstances.

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