Men of War Guide Part 1 – Units

If you played Men of War you would know that it is a game where you have to pay careful attention to details. One wrongly placed Anti-tank gun could by mistake take out your own tank, or a mortar could destroy the building in front of it, and become buried in the rubble. If positioning is difficult, imagine planning a proper defense or assault. Depending on the map and game mode you might be pressed into either one of these activities, or you will be thrown into an open battle. Whichever the case, if you need some help and tips regarding Men of War, you found them.

Take note, even though this is a guide based on Men of War, some of the hints here can also be safely applied to Men of War: Assault Squad. You can check the list of this Guide’s parts here.

Men of War Basics

Men of War is a WW2 RTS, focused around mildly realistic combat, as well as careful micromanagement. While the campaigns are enjoyable, the multiplayer is a lot of fun, due to a decent selection of maps and game modes. During gameplay you can take direct control of vehicles and single units, changing their equipment and resupplying them with ammo and fuel. You are also capable of taking over abandoned enemy tanks, and repairing your own vehicles or guns, when necessary.

There are different nations to choose from, and it pays to know each one from the bottom up. Axis, Commonwealth, Soviets and Japan are available to your selection. Some units will only differ in looks (riflemen) while the tanks, artillery and special units might have entirely different stats. Knowing that the Soviet Assault Squad has a flamethrower, while the Axis Assault Squad (SturmSquad) has panzerfausts helps in planning both a defense and assault.

Aside from knowing what each nation has, and how each unit differs, it is worthwhile to learn the different game modes and reinforcement types. Understanding the game mechanics and rules could mean the difference between taking out an IS-7 with a well-ordered flamethrower, which burns the crew out, or sacrificing dozens of tanks, trying to attack its front.

Basic Units

All nations will have access to these units. Their gear might differ slightly, but overall their role never changes.


Rifleman – Riflemen are your basic footmen. They are cheap and mildly reliable against other types of infantry, as long as there is enough space for them to use their rifles. Having only a single Anti-Tank Grenade, they are poor at fighting armored vehicles.

Submachine gunners – If you want cheap assault troops, submachine gunners are your choice. Not only do they have plenty of frag grenades, and a proper assault weapon, but each of them also carries an Anti-Tank grenade. This makes them suitable attackers and ambushers.

Men of War

Submachine gunners preparing for the final Soviet Assault.

Paratroopers/Marines – These are slightly more elite infantry, and each nation will have them. Their equipment differs, but on average their usefulness cannot be under-estimated when holding a key position, or ambushing enemy tanks or infantry. Compared to ordinary infantry, they will be more efficient and use better weapons.

Assault Troopers – Some nations call them differently, but in essence these are the most expensive troops points can buy. They have more health than any other infantry men, and their training and equipment is tip-top. Even a headshot from a Sniper will not kill an Assault Trooper, but tanks will still annihilate them. Each nation’s Assault Troopers will have slightly differing equipment.

Machine gunners – Portable Light Machineguns act as a cheap way of protecting your troops from enemy infantry. They operate just like ordinary infantry, but need a wall in order to fire from a standing or kneeling position. Not suitable for attacking armored vehicles.

Anti-Tank Rocket Infantrymen – These guys can take out tanks with ease, if they are close enough, and attack from the flank or rear. They are relatively cheap, but may easily die to enemy fire. Perfect for ambushes or protecting choke-points.

Officer – Armed with a pistol, knife and binoculars, they spot enemy units. They can also spot hidden troops or emplacements, making them useful when planning an attack, or organising a defense.

Sniper – They are just as good as Officers in spotting (more or less), but can also shoot down enemy infantry at a distance. It always takes time for them to fire an accurate shot, but once they do, it’s usually deadly.

Anti-Tank Rifle – Unlike the bazooka, the Anti-Tank rifle is only any good against lighter vehicles and some tanks. It is usually better to go with the bazooka, since its power will take out most vehicles.

Tank Crew – If they jump out of a tank they will have a submachine gun, if not, only pistols. In an emergency they can serve as reserve infantry, but they might as well take over abandoned tanks, or supplement lost crew to your own tanks.

Anti-Tank/Personnel Engineers – These guys carry around mines, designated to counter infantry or tanks. They can fight if necessary, but their mines usually do the dirty work.

Men of War

Officer spotting for a Pak 40. Cooperation is everything to succeed!

Deminers – A soldier with a mine detector, useful for taking out enemy mine fields. They can fight just as well as riflemen.

Scout – Your ears and eyes on the frontline. They can sabotage enemy positions with explosives, and their camo will allow them to sneak about almost unseen.

Flamethrowers – Useful against tanks and infantry alike. The fires they start can spread, causing untold havoc on jungle maps. Entire buildings can go ablaze, but it is a double-edged sword. A wrongly used Flamethrower can take out your own troops as easily.


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