League of Legends: I am a Predator!

My First Few Days

When I started playing League of Legends I was mildly clueless. The Tutorials helped greatly and then I got down to trying out the “Free to Play” champions in PvP. Once in a while there is a rotation of Free to Play Champions you may pick from during your online games. This helps you try different champion types, styles and eventually you may decide to unlock a champion. By unlocking a champion you may use him at any time, unless somebody else picks him or her before you during the planning phase (first come first serve basis).

I started my PvP experience with Twitch. Twitch is a rat humanoid, with a crossbow, firing poisoned bolts. The moment I saw his cute little face I had to try him. When Twitch attacks he poisons enemies. The more he hits an enemy the more “poison” is stacked on him (think of it as tokens). Twitch has powers that allow him to poison more enemies efficiently, or fire rapidly, and through enemies. His other very useful power is what I call the “Poison Explosion”. Any enemy unit with poison stacks near Twitch will suffer damage, depending on how much poison is stacked on him. All this was fun. What I then discovered is that by buying items that increase his Attack Speed Twitch would cease firing single bolts and instead start firing multiple bolts in a “cone”. With his stealth ability I could sneak up on weaker foes, fire at them like a maniac and then make them explode from within. Against Minions this was equally effective and fun! In other words, I wanted Twitch.

League of Legends

Do not worry, Twitch is here!

A quick look at the costs however made me incredibly sad. I could not have Twitch. He was too expensive and I was not certain whether I wanted to buy any Riot Points. My first Champion as such, whom I played during my “Test” games, was Ryze. A mage who can deal with a lot of enemies very efficiently on higher levels. I started playing him, since he was somebody I knew, more or less, and he was affordable. After a few games though I missed the sensation of being a “Hunter” or “Assassin” so I continued to browse.

My eyes then fell on Warwick. A wolf-man who caught my attention not only for his looks but also his powers. He could rip, shred and pounce at his enemies. His howl could buff local champions, and himself. Most importantly he healed himself with each hit. Unlike Ryze who relied on a high Mana count I found Warwick’s notion of a self-sustainable warrior very attractive. I browsed the Wiki and read up on him, Warwick was indeed a very practical Champion choice. He was a “Ganker” and “Jungler”. In other words, he was very good at hunting down single enemy champions, and at killing Neutral Monsters, for xp and gold. Killing Monsters is normally a way for you to get some quick money or experience. Some monsters will give your entire team money though, so it’s also something to consider with Warwick.

I shall be frank, with Warwick I enjoyed League of Legends more than ever before. I figured out how to Kite, lure my enemies and then make sudden come backs, turning a seeming “defeat” into a victory. Warwick was a solid choice for a Champion (and he costs as much as Ryze).

When I gathered enough IP I decided to buy another champion. This time around my eyes were stuck on Cho’Gath. That thing screamed “ZERG” to me. Cho is not like Warwick however. He is slower and has ranged attacks. However, Cho can eat his enemies. The more he eats the more Health he builds up and the bigger he gets. I bought Cho and I never felt sorry about my purchase. Cho and Warwick share certain strengths. They both have incredibly powerful Abilities. Both of them can feed off enemies, to regain health (Cho also gets Mana), and they are both mildly evil.

I noticed a certain trend in my Champion choice. I liked Twitch, Warwick and Cho. While they are not at all similar they do hold certain similarities in play-style. They are hunters of sorts, and all three of them can handle groups of minions and even two or three champions (Warwick is not that good on the last part, but I had some success in that department). In other words I called myself a “Predator”. I like hunting enemy Champions, chasing them down, when they try to flee, and finishing them off when they feel safe. Each of these three Chapmions is still different. Cho can be big and clumsy. Twitch has little health. Warwick does not deal well against groups. I found that to be just another level of that “something” that makes me enjoy League of Legends that much more. Three similar tasks, three different champions and many ways to complete said task.

There are 113 different Champions right now.What does this mean? To me that means that anybody could find the the “play style” they like, with the champion they will eventually fall in love with… I am already browsing for the next “Predator” and I do not know why but the Voidborn might be my main focus, when it comes to collecting Champions.


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