League of Legends: Top Ten Most Annoying Champs

5. Karthus’ Requiem

Just won a glorious team fight but your whole team is close to death? Karthus is pleased… Karthus’ Ultimate ability allows him to damage all enemy champions on the map, as long as they are not invulnerable. If he uses this ability at the right time he could, especially if he has a lot of ability power, take out one or two champions at a time, especially if they have little health. While I never saw a Karthus Pentakill it is very well possible, at the right time. Since Karthus can use the Requiem after his death, due to his passive (When Karthus dies he can still use his spells for a few seconds) he could still weaken your whole team, or even take somebody with him to the respawn queue.

4. Nidalee’s Spear

While Nidalee is not a champion who is overpowered she has that one ability that everybody hates, the Javelin Toss. This unassuming ability turns a simple spear into a “Dumb Missile”. If you are hit by it and Nidalee has the right items you could find yourself losing a big chunk of your health, or in some cases even most of it. While it can be dodged if you fail to dodge it, it could very well cost you. And nowhere does the pain of “failure” taste sweeter than in the case of Nidalee’s Spear, since the longer the spear flies for the more damage it will cause.

3. Blitzcrank’s Grab

Blitzcrank’s Grab is his signature move. Catch a champion, minions or monster and drag him to your position. Thresh has a similar ability but it is not as quick, and it only drags some distance away, although Thresh can “fly” to the target he grabbed. While this move is considered “Something any non-nooby will dodge” it can still be one of the most surprising ways to suddenly die. The Grab can be used from behind cover (walls, trees) so an unsuspecting enemy could suddenly find himself on the other side of the barricade, surrounded by enemies. Blitzcrank’s other abilities, such as the Power Fist and Static Field can soften you up even more, giving Blitz’s team to finish you off. If you are quick you could use your dodge to get out of a sticky situation, but if you do not then the Blitz Grab could be the single most annoying thing you will ever face.

2. Tryndamere’s Undying Rage

No champion has ever made me personally more frustrated than Tryndamere. His Undying Rage might be an ultimate ability but at level 3, and with the right items, it could have a mildly low cooldown, and its potential to cause havoc is enormous.

Undrying Rage is activated by the player. For five seconds Tryndamere cannot die, at all. The ability can be activated when he is stunned and silenced, so you cannot block it from happening. So for five seconds you are facing somebody who might be close to death but cannot die. During the early game this might not be much, but if Tryndamere has plenty of Attack Damage, and the right items he could be doing a lot of damage to those around him, while nobody will be able to stop him effectively. He could still be stunned and slowed, but Tryndamere poses a certain dilemma.

Do you focus on the guy who has 1 point of health, but cannot die for those five second, or the rest of the team who can still somehow be killed? Tryndamere also has an escape ability, which may very well be used to initiate a teamfight, Spinning Slash. He will roll right in the middle of your team and begin hacking away left and right, while you focus on him the rest of his team joins in. Problem, you cannot kill him if he activates Undying Rage, and since he is right on top of you there is no way of running away, what do you do?

Furthermore, similarly to Mundo, Undying Rage could be used to chase you down right under your tower. Tryndamere could run toward you, turret firing at him. He is about to die but before he does he pops Undying Rage and you cannot do anything to him. What do you do now, run away from your turret, hoping you outrun him, or stay under your turret, withstand his wrath, and hope either you or the turret finishes him off when his Undying Rage passes?

1. Teemo’s Shrooms

This might not be a surprise to anybody. Teemo has Shrooms that he can plant anywhere he likes, in limitless quantities, and they have a mildly long decay time. While Teemo needs time to obtain fresh mushrooms to plant (he can carry 3 on him maximum) you would need to keep finding the shrooms so that a minefield does not form around you. If you ever had a friendly Teemo on your team, or you faced a very skilled enemy Teemo you could find the whole map covered in shrooms, everywhere. This is the bane of any jungler, but even other champions cannot feel safe. While Teemo’s Shrooms might not be dangerous at first with the right items, and enough Ability Power, they could be the bane of any low-health champion.

You might be somebody trying to gank Teemo, but you are denied that because you triggered his shroom and he knows you are coming. You might be a champion wanting to hide in a bush, to teleport back to base, but a Teemo Shroom explodes, which might kill you if you had little health. You do not need wards near the baron or Drake, only a shroom at the entrance, if it disappears that means somebody is near or at them. How do you detect these Shrooms? Stealth Ward, but how many Stealth Wards would you need to find all of them?

While Teemo has other abilities, such as passive invisibility, poisoned darts, and silencing darts it is the Shrooms you will most often remember. Champions with a lot of health might shrug them off, but anybody who is softer will be unable to.

Playing Teemo is not easy, since he himself has very little health, but he makes up that shortcoming with one of the most dangerous, and annoying, abilities in League of Legends.

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