League of Legends: Top Ten Most Annoying Champs

League of Legends has a wide selection of different champions that you may purchase, or you may end up playing against. Among all those champions will be those you will learn to love, and hate, with a passion. This list of our own Top Ten List of the most annoying League of Legends champions. Now, to make it absolutely clear, these champions will be annoying through their abilities, not simply due to their visuals or name. At the same time, only because a champion could be annoying does not mean that the player you might end up facing will know how to be “annoying”. In order for you to understand what I mean by “annoying” each champion I speak of will have an explanation of his spot on the list.

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League of Legends

One of the great Legends… Where will he be on the list?

Top Ten Annoying League of Legends Champs

10. Yasuo’s Wind Shield

Yasuo is a recent addition to the League of Legends universe. Because of this he is one of the most expensive champions, and it will be a while before everybody learns his ins and outs. Yasuo does have one exceptionally annoying ability, one which I would even call overpowered, due to its overall utility, Wind Wall. Wind Wall creates a mildly wide barrier in front of Yasuo, and anything behind him. Any distance attacks, and abilities that fire projectiles, will be blocked by the Wind Wall. That sounds like a useful method of blocking basic enemy attacks but it is so much more.

If you are a champion relying on an accurate Ulti, such as Ashe, Ezrael or Jinx you may find your Ulti suddenly deflected by Yasuo’s Wind Shield. If you are a champion who has certain abilities, even on low cooldown, such as Blitzcrank’s “Grab”, or Nidalee’s Spear those too will be stopped by the Shield. In other words, if Yasuo was aware of an Ulti coming his way, or toward one of his allies, he could block it with this very ability. It can have a mildly long cooldown at first (26 seconds at rank 1, 18 seconds at rank 5) but once it is maxed and he has a number of useful cooldown reduction items you could find Yasuo blocking absolutely every single one of your abilities. Of course, this does not stop other deadly abilities you might have, but if you are a projectile-based champion (like most ADCs are) you could find yourself very easily blocked, permanently.

9. Lee Sin

Lee Sin is one of the most annoying Champions in League of Legends due to his numerous escapes and attack methods. While most champs could have a problem with catching up to enemies, or running away from them, Lee Sin is the very thing you will grind your teeth into dust, every single time.

Lee Sin can “mark” any friendly or hostile unit, including Wards, and jump to them. This means that if a map is filled with friendly wards Lee Sin could hop around the map with great ease. Due to the low cooldown of these abilities he could jump in, attack, and then leave before anybody can stop him. This makes him one of the most difficult Junglers to counter, since he is, literally, “Everywhere”. While he is, of course, not invincible it may be hard to react to him quickly enough.

8. Dr. Mundo’s Cleaver

A poke is meant to be annoying but one of the most annoying Pokes you might have to endure comes from Dr. Mundo. All of Dr. Mundo’s attacks use up his health, but the cleaver, especially in the later stages of the game, will not effect him at all, may have a very low cooldown and can be mildly damaging. The Cleaver does not only chip away at your health, but it also slows you down.

Let me put this in a brighter perspective. Imagine you are caught off-guard by Dr. Mundo and you try to flee back to your tower. He throws his cleaver and wounds you, if only for a bit, but you are slowed. Before you can recover from the slow effect another cleaver lands, and another, and try as you may you just cannot flee. Once within range Mundo may use his other abilities which will now rip away your health in full force. You made it to the tower? That could work on lower levels, but during the Mid and Late game Mundo’s ulti could give him enough health regeneration and speed to stand with you beneath the tower, kill you, and then flee, without fear of death. Some champions are less effected by this than others. Aatrox and Kha’zix could fly away, Ezrael could dash, so there are ways of dodging that cleaver, sadly all those methods have a longer cooldown than Mundo’s Cleaver, so even if you dodged one another might already be on its way.

7. Evelynn’s Invisibility

Evelynn is one of the few champions who have access to invisibility. In her case it is almost permanent. Unless Evelynn is spotted by either a Stealth Ward or another champion she will remain invisible. In other words, you could have the whole map warded and Evelynn could be standing on top of your sight ward and then strike at you when you least expect it. Her abilities are also perfect when chasing down opponents, and with the right items she could be slowing you down to the point where you just cannot outrun her. As such she is one of the most dangerous champions to all the low-health champions, so watch your backs!

6. Singed’s Poison

Chasing after most champions, when they are close to death, is a good idea. Chasing after Singed rarely is. His Poison Trail ability will leave the path behind him covered in poisonous smoke. If you are chasing after him you could very well be losing a lot of your health, just by trying to finish him off. At the same time Singed could use this very ability to create a “pool” of poison, then throw you into it, and slow you down. Long story short, you are losing your health rapidly and you might find it very hard to outrun him, or even to kill him. Champions with a lot of reserve health might not be threatened by this, but low health champions who are caught by Singed could very well gasp their last breath.


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