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I have been actively playing League of Legends for the past couples of months. Not ranked games, mind you, but normal games (for those who do not play Dota/LoL/HoN, that means non-ranked games, that could be considered “casual”). Even normal games call for a lot of teamwork, individual skill and know-how. Without it there is very little chance of victory. It’s not like playing Co-op vs AI opponents, here you might just solo the entire game. Playing a normal game is just a small step below playing ranked, and the thing is, the higher your level, the tougher your games become. I am almost at level 28 right now and I can feel the pressure during every single game. This is only only because you are somewhat expected to know what you are doing, at this stage, but also because you will start facing players who actually play in ranked games. In other words, things got real, but you might not be fully prepared for them.

With all this in mind in League of Legends I have “those” days. Namely, when I lose the vast majority of my fights, I get splattered all over the floor, or more crucially, my team loses as a whole. However, like yesterday, this was not the result of any one individual under performing to the point where we lost. It was about “Rage”, and its many forms. I could name a few types of rages, or incidents yesterday. First, our top-lane accidentally stole our jungler’s blue, who later blamed the top lane for our team’s loss, this went through our entire game. Later we had a player on mid-lane who ragequit after just three deaths. How do I know it was a ragequit? The player typed such and simply left. Out of all those five or six losses I had only one victory, but even there the atmosphere was so dark we just barely won. In essence, the whole team was turning on each other, and while they were pointing fingers at one another a few of them proclaimed, “I will give you my teamwork, Poppy”. “Odd” I thought “, isn’t teamwork meant to go to all?”.

See, I feel all those lost games were not because of any individual’s poor skills, we had some good players! It was all the rage that built up from petty things, turning into what I might call a “Shit Storm” of insults, petty grievances and empty threats of “Reports to all”.

Holding all that in mind, Riot released a rather enjoyable little video on how Teamwork can change things around. Hope you will not only enjoy it but also that you see a bit of light, and among all the rage darkness that you might be surrounded by you might just lead your team to victory.

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