Killing Floor Firebug Guide

The Firebug… What is there to know about a Class that walks around with a selection of weapons aimed at turning your enemies into crisp? More than you could imagine. The Firebug is not just a TF2 Pyro (this is Killing Floor after all). Your task is a challenging one, and you are one of those useful pillars your team might rely on, in order to win. Although you could summarise the Firebug as a “Crowd Control” Class there is more to it then just wasting hordes of Clots with your flamethrower. It is about knowing the strengths and weaknesses of your weapons and how to best utilize them, even against far more powerful foes. This Guide is dedicated to the Firebug, so that you, or anybody else, will have an easier time setting the World on Fire.

Killing Floor

Who said working in questionable Bio-Engineering companies is boring?

Killing Floor Firebug Guide

The Basics

The Firebug has a limited selection of weapons. After you reach level 3 your grenades will become incendiary Grenades. Your Mac-10 will ignite any foes it hits, and your Flamethrower and Husk Launcher will retain their ordinary use, but the bonuses from your Class could make them even more deadly. At the same time the Firebug is resistant to Fire. At first this resistance is only partial but once you maximize this Class/Perk you will be completely resistant to fire. Of course, just like all the other classes, your Class/Perk specific weapons will have a huge discount, and their ammo capacity and reload speed will also increase. In essence the Firebug’s strengths include anything to do with fire. With your increased range your flamethrower will be capable of taking out opponents at a much further distance. Due to your increased reload speed your Mac-10 will be reloaded rapidly, even though it empties ammo almost as fast. Any other class using the Firebug’s weapons could be very disappointed with their effectiveness. Only the Firebug knows how to utilize them to their maximum.

Let us discuss briefly the Firebug specific weapons.

Firebug W.M.D.s

Killing Floor

An elegant, small, rapid fire weapon. Keep an eye on that ammo counter. It will go down quicker than you think.

Mac-10 – The Mac-10 is the cheapest weapon for the Firebug (from its own class). Only in the hands of the Firebug does the Mac-10 have the ability to ignite opponents, while still causing blunt damage from the impact. In other words, you do not only hurt them, but also set them on fire. The Mac-10s problem is its rate of fire. Up close it is deadly against weak opponents but at a long distance automatic fire is a poor idea. However when fired in short bursts you can ignite a larger zombie/mutant at a longer distance in order to Crisp him (more on Crisping later). Even when you try to control your fire you will find that the Mac-10 can empty its clip in less than a blink of an eye. In contrast its reload speed might be considered lengthy, especially if you hope to fight zombies up close. Use is as a short to long distance weapon, but in conjunction with the rest of your team.

Killing Floor

The Flamethrower. A Short to Medium Range weapon, capable of igniting multiple enemies at the same time. Take note however, it has a huge recoil and no cross-hair. You will need practice to use it effectively.

Flamethrower – The mark of the Firebug. How will you set everything on fire without your trusted Flamethrower? This weapon shines in the hands of a higher level Firebug, due to its extended range. At level 3 the Flamethrower can spit flames at a Medium distance with decent accuracy, allowing you to hose down incoming Heavier Zombies/Mutants before they approach your line. Although it is tempting to use the Flamethrower indeed like a hose, spreading your purifying flames left and right you will run out of juice quickly. Instead of holding down the left mouse button tap it lightly, so that you fire small “fireballs” at the enemy. A single fuel point fired by your flamethrower is enough to ignite any opponent. Against weaker opponents, such as Clots, Crawlers and Shades it is more than enough. Against tougher opponents you will need to use more fire, but remember that once an enemy is on fire he keeps on taking damage over time, until the flames stop. So, in theory, if you had enough time and distance you could keep on igniting an enemy and then run away a short distance. Although highly situational you could defeat Flesh Pounds this way. Other times, in a tight corridor filled with Zombies/Mutant the only thing better than using a Flamethrower is using explosives.

Killing Floor

The Husk Fireball Launcher is better suited at engaging tougher enemies, in this case, charging up a shot to fire at a Fleshpound. On higher difficulty settings you do not want to make this guy angry with such a (relatively) weak weapon.

Husk Launcher – The most expensive weapon from the Firebug Arsenal. It is a Flamethrower in small fireball form. Why would you use the Husk Launcher over the Flamethrower? The Husk Launcher is capable of charged shots, which on impact cause plenty of damage. At the same time the small explosion will ignite nearby enemies. The Husk Launcher does not have to be reloaded, but if you plan on using its charged shots you will have a highly limited ammo capacity. We could say that the Husk Launcher is better suited for Distance combat, while the Flamethrower is better at close quarters. Both weapons have their uses, especially when you face more numerous or tougher mutants. The fact remains, the Husk Launcher always remains expensive, and its ammo is not that cheap. With the Flamethrower you will usually have a much higher profit than with the Husk Launcher, but the Husk Launcher is capable of damaging those tougher opponents more easily. Quantity vs Quality.


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