How to start a buzz or, why does Skyrim have so many Bugs?

I enjoy different types of computer games: RPGs, FPSs, strategy games, some racing games, simulators… you get the idea. Very often, when a game is released, a few bugs can be found. Sometimes, when it is clear that a game was rushed, there may be missing or incomplete content. The more memorable bugs or mistakes can sink into gaming culture before the problem is eventually fixed. Skyrim shattered this rule for me.
Arrow to the knee

I anxiously examined the news and reports regarding Skyrim. Its sales numbers, plenty of praise for the best sandbox game out there (apparently), though little mention of the main story campaign itself. But what I could not ignore, was the number of topics, videos and news about the different and numerous bugs and glitches.

The first bugs I have heard of were horses flying off into the sky, sinking into the ground, then reappearing some distance away. Another time it wasn’t just a horse, but also the rider. Then I stumbled, upon a video of NPCs and player(s) being shot, into the air like rockets, when a giant would hit them, with its club. After all the news about the different bugs died down, other things came up. Such as, putting pots, on the heads of NPCs to steal from right under their noses. Eventually the new internet meme “I was an X like you once, then I took an arrow in the knee” also came to my attention.

The hype created by these different bugs, oddities and at least one meme make Skyrim still mildly fresh, in the news headlines. When I look at it now though, I have the nagging feeling that Skyrim was deliberately released so “buggy”, in order for people to keep on talking about it, post on the forums how something strange happened, record video clips and post them on youtube, etc. Among some of the people that I spoke to about Skyrim, I recieved different opinions and impressions. Some of them praised it, for the incredible Sandbox experience (I believe they are still stuck in front of their screens), others called it a glorified Oblivion, others yet complained, how some of the bugs made the game unplayable and worse still some few had constant game crashes.

Like I mentioned before, sometimes a designer does not have the time to release a fully ready product. But if this was the case with Skyrim, either the designers seriously slacked behind on their schedule, or it was deliberately released in such a roughly-polished state. What is the truth? I doubt we will ever know, but we can see for ourselves, how Skyrim is, and will remain popular for still some time. Once I stop hearing about all the bugs, and the game is finaly fully patched and functional, will I consider a purchase. Yes it sounds selfish, but why buy an unfinished product now, when you can wait?

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