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When life gives you lemons you make lemonade. When life gives you an 88mm cannon you turn perfectly functional tanks into wrecks. I recall how in the Beta the Tiger I would be called one of the weakest Heavy tanks in the game. When the Tiger P came out this thought was further reinforced. Why would you play a Tiger I when there are so many better tanks?

As you can see here, one does not simply encounter a Tiger and live to tell the tale.

My Tiger during the battle had a 100% crew, while each of the crew members had 90% in different perks and skills. The Commander had Recon (Skill), Radioman – Situational Awareness (Skill), Reloader – Adrenaline Rush (Perk), Driver – Smooth Ride (Skill) and Gunner – Deadeye (increased Critical damage chance, Perk). The Tiger also had Camo Netting, a Binocular Telescope and a Large-Caliber Tank Gun Rammer.

This is the battle where I gained the Tank Ace Qualification for my Tiger I, together with Boelter’s Medal, Top Gun and Sniper. Never before did I have such a destructive battle with my Tiger. Oddly enough though, it was not the battle where I gained the most experience.

When you play as a Tiger I you need very good situational awareness. Watch the map for enemy tanks types and numbers. A quick count of enemy tanks spotted on one flank could give you the hint on how many tanks are coming your way. In this case I expected the KV tanks to come my way, but during the heat of battle I could not verify if they are still coming or not. When the Panther appeared with its entourage I assumed the following Scenario: Our flank is outnumbered, most of the team is away. Hold them back or destroy them, then advance at the enemy base. I usually end up defending the least protected flank, and such an experience benefits your analytical skills.

The enemy performed some mistakes of their own. They had the clear numerical advantage, and the firepower to take me out. If they had agreed to mob me they would not only take me out, but also open a path to our base. You have to remember that your opponents will often not risk cover for a “risky” attack. They might had assumed that there were more tanks behind me, waiting for them to come out (as is often the case on this map). This fear of an all out attack allowed me to “dominate” the small area. Take note how the Panther and the other tanks hid when they began to lose their advantage.

It is true, I suffered heavy damage, but I did not give in an inch of the road. The one moment when you could see me back away was the realisation that enemy SPGs could fire at me (I did not realise the SPG was with the Panther group). How would you react, as the Panther group, when you watched the Tiger not only remain in its position but also advance? Shocking your opponent when he least expects it disarms them from any tactical thought. If the enemy became aware that  I am “alone” they might had attacked much more bravely.

Be brave, Tiger drivers! Be bold when faced with the enemy, and use your wits. You might be outnumbered, you might be outgunned, but that is not a reason to throw your hands in the air and give up. There is no greater satisfaction that taking out superior numbers/enemies with what many view as an inferior tank.

See you on the battlefield!

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    Its funny when you say rocks in video, all tops tier heavy can rock there i would love to watch when you get mm in the middle of tiers.. so i gues you are fuckt.

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