Agent 47 is back, sort of.

One thing I have always enjoyed about the Hitman series is it’s meticulous nature. Some of the most  satisfying gaming experiences I’ve had involve watching Agent  47 take his sniper rifle out of his suit case put it together piece by piece execute a target and then return the weapon to the case in the same fashion. Agent 47 is back this November, and for those of us who can’t wait there is hope, and it comes in the form of sniping dudes. The whole idea of the sniper challenge revolves around Agent 47 remaining stationary on a corner of a rooftop that looks out over the scenario. The only gameplay offered is shooting and reloading your Kazo sniper rifle. Sounds a bit limited, but I assure you it’s not. With fifteen minutes on the clock, fifteen body gaurds to off plus your target, and a myriad of obvious and not so obvious ways to kill them, there is a lot of fun to be had.

There is deceptive depth in this seemingly slim slice of gameplay. It’s predicated on the idea of getting a high score, and then beating that score by performing better in the scenario. There  are several ways to improve your score such as, getting headshots rather than body shots, hiding bodies by making them fall out of view, killing without arousing any suspicion from your targets, completing the mission in less time and with more bullets, and many others.

Also wrapped up into the challenge are well, challenges. Some are easy to discern others are a little less clear. What is the reward for clearing these goals you ask? Score multipliers. So let’s say you complete one, you may get a 1.3X multiplier that gets applied to your overall score at the end of the attempt. Each challenge upon completion offers a different multiplier. The beauty of these challenges is that when you complete them you get a permanent multiplier, so you never have to do it again.

Why so much emphasis on score? Well, the higher you score the more mods you can unlock for your nifty sniper rifle such as more bullets per clip, faster reload times, and longer duration of precision shooting. Every time you complete the scenario you keep your score. So if you have determination you can unlock every mod for the Kazo rifle, which you will grow to adore. And what’s the cherry on top of all this? You take your sniper rifle, mods and all into the full game when it releases in November.

I recommend this challenge to anyone who is a fan of the Hitman series. It looks beautiful and the controls are precise. Even the reloading animation is candy for those who love the games meticulous fashion. Until November we focus on our aim.

Jake “chomedeluxe” Vivian

Apparently the best snipers sit Indian style

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